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Tinder opening lines

Tinder Opening Lines and How To Use Them

In the days of toxic masculinity, a cheesy opening line may seem a little old fashioned and crude. However, there is a lot of power in the right opening gambit. But do you know how to create a great one when looking for dates on Tinder?

These are especially important, as you cannot convey tone and language in the text. Read on as we discuss the best Tinder opening lines to increase your success of scoring a date.

Turn It into a Game

The beauty of this tactic is that people come to Tinder to have fun. They are bored and looking to make connections. So why wouldn’t they want to indulge in a fun game?

Open with questions and lines that turn the process into a game. A great way is to take cues from the person’s profile, then ask them to elaborate. Of course, you can always go leftfield and see who hooks on.

“Hi there, James here. Your profile says you like Marvel movies. Kill, marry, or sex? Iron man, Captain America, Thor. What’s your pick?”

“You like burgers? Right, local burger joint rating game. Rating them out of ten. I will start with Joe’s Diner. 9/10, most underrated place in town.

Combine with a GIF or Emoji

Some people may be loath to use gifs and emojis in their opening lines. However, from a practical sense, they break up boring lumps of text. They also provide an extra hook for the conversation to continue.

Find a gif that aligns well with your opening line. You can even ask quite serious questions and use a gif to make the impact more light-hearted. Conversely, you can ask fun questions and place a serious gif with them to add to the comedic effect.

Emojis need to be chosen carefully, as they can add to the hidden meaning in a sentence. Try putting the zucchini emoji after anything you post and see how quickly the meaning changes!

“You said you liked traveling, but never told us where?” (Insert gif of dumpster or someone on a bad holiday)

“You like camping? Me too, though last time I went I got chased by a raccoon ?” (Insert gif of angry racoon)

Take Note of Pictures

Tinder is a visual platform, based on images. Your potential suitor will have spent a long time selecting which image to include. That means it will pay dividends when you comment on them.

One great trick is to look beyond the person, at the places and backgrounds. You may see something that can spark off a conversation, or they may be in a place you recognize. You do not even have to have been there.

Of course, you could go old fashioned and comment on the outfit. It’s a tried, tested, a little cheesy tactic but will often get the result you want. Combine it with a question for maximum impact.

“Is that an Xbox One in the background of your profile picture? Please tell me you are not a Fortnight gamer!”

“Are you in Rome in that profile picture? OMG how good was the pizza there?”

“That profile picture dress is so cool and quirky! Is it vintage?”

Give Them Options

One way to instigate a conversion is to put the power in their hands. You can do this by placing a range of choices, similar in direction to the gaming chat up. However, for this one you need a good response to the selection.

For example, you may start with three choices. When the person chooses, you begin the conversation again. This time, you are adding humour and starting in a way they like.

“Banana. Trampoline. Elon Musk. Which of these words do you want in my opening chat up line?”

“Would you prefer me to begin the chat up with a line from a song, movie or book?”

Use Locality

If you are searching in a local area, then use your knowledge of the place as a common ground. This can be either a hometown, place of residence, or even used when you are on vacation. You could make jokes about people in the area or ask for advice on places to go.

If you can make a pun based around your location, then even better. The key is to make sure that the person has to leave a response, or at least leave it inviting them to do so.

“I am in the home of the cheese steak sandwich, you live here, yet we are both vegan. What’s our alternative?”

“Hometown girl? Then I know for a fact you must have been hanging out drinking cocktails at Mac’s Bar in the last six months. Am I Right?”

Craft a Witty Follow Up

If someone does not reply, it does not always mean that they are not interested. They may have been busy, or not been online and forgot about the message. If you follow up with a witty, organic question, you pose a reminder without being stalkerish and over the top.

In addition, many people will appreciate that you have come back to them. It shows you liked their profile and want to connect.

The way to do this is to follow on your own line of questioning. It may be with another question, or an addition or amendment to the previous line. We put some follow up examples with our previous questions below.

Question – “Hi there, James here. Your profile says you like Marvel movies. Kill, marry, or sex? Iron man, Captain America, Thor. What’s your pick?”

Follow up – “If you are a Hulk girl I am out of luck. Not that ripped, though I do turn green after tequila.”

Question – “You like camping? Me too, though last time I went I got chased by a raccoon ?”

Follow Up – “Sorry, I got informed it was a Chihuahua”

Trying Them Out

No one has a 100% success rate. The Tinder chat up lines that work for one person may also not work for another. However, these tips should go somewhere to helping you get better responses.