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Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

Tinder is the hit app that is designed to make dating quick and easy. However, anyone who has used it can tell you how tiring and fruitless all that swiping can be. So how can you increase your success on this dating platform?

One option is to sign up to their premium plans. Read on as we discuss Tinder Gold and ask if it is really worth it.

Tinder Gold

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder gold is the premium service of the popular matchmaking app. With so many people using the free feature, you may ask why you even need an upgraded account. The truth is many people won’t, but if you are seeking a date, then Tinder Gold can be a huge advantage.

Ever scrolled through Tinder then ran out of swipes, before you have even seen anything you like? Well, with Tinder Gold that frustration is gone. Of course, it does cost a sizable $26.99, though this decreases if you pay in advance. This means you need to know that it is value for money.

Tinder Gold offers the following added features:

  • Unlimited likes
  • 5 super likes per day
  • Once a month, you can become the top profile in the area for 30 minutes
  • You can see who likes you
  • Swipe reversals
  • Worldwide access
  • Ad free service

Best Features of Tinder Gold

One of the best features is the ability to see who has liked you. Whenever you open up Tinder, you will get a grid view containing all the people who have liked you since your last log in. You can use it to view their profile, accept or decline them.

Another great feature is the suggested matches Tinder Gold will provide. Each day you will get around 10 matches, selected by the Tinder algorithm, that suit you. You can then view their profile and decide how to progress.

You match queue will also display how many matches you have. You can control this by asking it to only update every one, three, or ten matches.

So, What’s Wrong with Tinder Plus?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, Tinder Plus is also a great premium addition. However, you don’t get access to one feature that could cost you that all important date.

Firstly, Tinder Plus changes price depending upon your age. If you are under thirty, it will cost $9.99. Over thirties can add on an extra ten dollars.

That means the price difference, for many people, isn’t that much. For an extra five dollars you can have a major extra feature.

Yes, that’s right. Gold only gives you one extra feature over plus. Though it is the most useful feature on the site.

That is the ability to see who has already swiped right on your picture. This lets you cut down on time spent chatting, swiping, and lets you narrow down your matches in record time.

Pros of Tinder Gold

  • Finding matches becomes much easier. With the curated features and the boost and super like ability, you no longer need to trawl through profiles swiping left and right.
  • For people worried about privacy, you also get the ability to control what people see on your profile. You can hide your age and obscure distances.
  • Though it may seem expensive, it actually isn’t. If you look at the prices of many premium dating services, Tinder Gold is actually really good value for money.

Cons of Tinder Gold

  • You may be paying for stuff you don’t need. If you are not travelling, then you don’t need the passport feature.
  • All the swiping is part of the fun, isn’t it? Why would you want to get rid of that?
  • It will not make your profile any better. If your pictures and profile description are the same, then you will get the same number of matches. Or do you….

Testing Tinder Gold

Reddit user Tramplemestilsken conducted an experiment into Tinder Gold. While he found that many of the features were pretty useless to him, and the phone addiction became a habit, he did notice some features that made him stand out.

In particular, the added boost features were useful. Two boosts got him around 25 right swipes in 15 minutes. Anyone who has attempted to use Tinder will know this is a great return on dating investment.

Tinder Opener App Zirby also conducted their own experiment. In it, they created two identical Tinder profiles. The only difference was that one had a gold membership, and one was on the free account.

After swiping right on 500 profiles with each account, they waited to see the results. With identical profiles, you would expect roughly the same number of matches. But it did not work out that way.

The free account ended up with 15 matches, though these gave no response to messages. However, the Gold account had a 60% increase in matches. They also had a much better response rate.

This suggests that something in the Tinder algorithm was favouring gold members. Though it does not advertise this in the package, the results seem to be more than coincidence.

So, Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

Yes! Tinder Gold is worth it, for a number of reasons. The first is that it is actually well priced. Compare its cost to other premium dating services, and you will be surprised how expensive they are.

Secondly, the feature to see who has swiped right is also worth its weight in…well…gold. If you have limited time, or don’t want to be on your phone all the time, you can cut down the swipe time exponentially.

Thirdly, evidence suggests that Tinder favours gold accounts in its algorithms. Combined, and with good pictures and descriptions, you could become a dating machine!