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Christian girl

How to Tell If a Christian Girl Likes You

Are you trying your hardest to work out if a girl likes you? In many cases, you may find that girls work hard to let you know the attraction is there. However, when it comes to Christian girls, you may have to work a little harder to read the signs.

Some may operate in exactly the same way, while some may have signs that are a little deeper. Read on as we discuss how to tell if a Christian girl likes you.

She Glances at You Repeatedly

A sure-fire way to tell if a girl is interested is that she is looking at you. If you turn your head and find her glancing away, she is trying to hide her crush. In this instance, try to catch her eye and see how long you can hold her gaze.

Of course, she may be peaking at someone behind or next to you. That is why it is important not to initiate the first time you see this happening. Wait and see if it happens again when you are in different places or another room.

You Share a Common Relationship with God

Even within the same church and Christian groups, you will find people have very different relationships with God. People display their faith in different ways, and sometimes that comes across as increasing levels of devotion. None of these are right, wrong, or any better than others.

However, finding someone with a common relationship with God is a very attractive prospect. In the long term, a couple who have the same level of belief is more likely to facilitate a happy marriage. You have the same morals, outlook, and take on life, meaning in many ways you will be more compatible.

She Displays the Correct Body Language

Even without verbal communication, and even if a girl is trying to hide it, you can often pick up on body language. Luckily, the body language involved in flirting is often very easy to identify.

The first sign is light touching. By no means does this have to be sexual or inappropriate. A simple stroke of the hand with a kind word or tug on the shirt sleeve for attention are indicators. Essentially, any easy way to initiate basic physical contact.

Following a similar pattern, if someone leans in when they try to speak to you or moves closer, they are also aiming for physical contact. They may also turn their whole body toward you in conversation, uncrossing their arms and legs to create an open position.

She Admires Your Confidence

All girls want to date a guy who is confident. This should not be confused with arrogance. Someone who is confident knows who they are, what they want, but does not resort to bragging and boasting about it.

This becomes increasingly important in a Christian relationship. Christian girls will admire people who are confident in their relationship with religion. They won’t shout about it from the rooftops and boast about it, but they will have the confidence to talk about it openly wherever and whenever they are and won’t be intimidated by people who look down on their beliefs.

She Is Confident

Sometimes, the signs of flirting are so obvious you cannot deny them. In addition, not every Christian girl is the shy, retiring type. In fact, their faith in God actually inspires many of them with a lot of confidence.

That means that they may actually go ahead and start the proceedings. They may come up to you and begin a conversation. They may even be making moves to spend more time with you, see you again, or even arrange a date.

When this happens, you need to make sure you don’t mess it up. Think of a few ways to keep the conversation going before either of you initiate. This means that the relationship does not fade out before it even begins.

You Have Shared Honest Moments Together

Honesty is always the best policy, and is even more important in Christian relationships. In fact, some people go through their whole relationship never knowing how honest the other person is. Very often, they do not have the chance to display honesty in the early stages like of a relationship like Christians do.

When you are together in church or a Christian singles meeting, you immediately have to talk about things that are held dear to you. This can strip back all the macho posturing and closed mindset people may have elsewhere. Thus, you can share an honest moment about the true self earlier in the relationship.

This honesty can also come across as showing your vulnerabilities. It does not mean you have to share every worry and fear you have. In fact, that could cause them to run a mile!

All you have to do is be open. This lets them get to know you on a deeper level and see you as a strong individual.

You Share a Sense of Humour

Humor is a very particular, individual thing that can bring people together. If you find one person laughing at all those terrible gags you insist on making, then it may be a sign they are interested. They may even have the wit to fire some back at you.

Even on a less humorous level, you may just make her happy. If you find that a girl is often smiling and laughing around you, then you are having the right impact.

You Keep Crossing Paths

Perhaps you go to the same church or groups, and naturally, cross each other’s path during the week. However, if you find she keeps appearing in places you wouldn’t expect, then this could be deliberate. Once at the store may be a chance, but if it happens on a regular basis, she may be making approaches to spend more time with you.

Making the Move

Tally up the points above on how to know if a Christian girl likes you. How many of the eight given has she done? If it’s four or more, then you could be in. Now is the time to make a move.