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Tinder ban

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder

The course of true love never did run smoothly. Nowhere is that as true as internet dating. With security getting tighter, dating and social media are getting stricter and some of us may find ourselves on the wrong side of these rules. But do you know what to do when the ban hammer comes calling?

Tinder is one dating site where it can be very hard to reboot your profile. Read on as we discuss how to get unbanned from Tinder.

Informal Appeal

One method to get unbanned is to launch an informal appeal. You can do this through the Tinder support services. They will also let you know the process that led to the ban though it takes time.

Listen to the points they make. It may have been something innocent that you did not know about. Respond to their emails, being very polite, and explain your mistakes.

When you do this, if someone reported you, never blame them. Make it seem like it was a misunderstanding.

After backward and forwards emails and phone calls, Tinder will decide if they should reinstate your account. This could take anywhere from a few days to a month. Be patient and stay apologetic at all times!

Purging an Account

If the first step did not work, then your only option is to open a new account. Unfortunately, Tinder tracks your data and will do everything in its power to stop you from reopening another account. That means you have to go on a short purge of all your Tinder-related data.

Go into the Tinder account and head to settings. Scroll down and delete your account. You then need to remove the app from your phone.

Next, make your way into Facebook. In settings, head over to the section for apps and websites. Once you find Tinder, click on it and remove it from Facebook.

Get a New Sim

When you get banned, Tinder will have recorded your mobile number. That means you cannot get authentication on your normal SIM. Luckily, you can get it on another.

If your phone has two SIM slots you are in luck. If not, you will need to replace your SIM card with a short-term one. Make sure you don’t lose this card, as you will need it for other verifications in the future.

All you need to do is create a new account and put the new SIM number in as your phone. Verification will be sent. Once you have used it to authenticate your account, you can switch back to the old SIM.

Creating New Facebook, Apple and Google Accounts

These three giants are notorious for storing your data, and they will let Tinder know what you are up to. Because of this, you are going to have to create new accounts.

If you signed up with Facebook before and want to do so again, then you will need a brand-new Facebook account. However, you don’t need to do this. It is much easier to use the phone number method and sign up using a new SIM account.

A more troublesome problem is the Google and Apple accounts. You will need to create a new account, depending on your preferred operating system. Sign into it and download the Tinder app from the new account.

Use Brand New Photos and Data

You can now start on your brand-new profile. Tinder will not recognize any of the old data or information and view you as a new customer. However, you are still not in the clear.

When adding to your new account, you have to be sure not to leave any clues that you have been there before. That starts with profile pictures and your descriptions. You can’t use anything that you have used before, even if it is your best dating profile picture.

If you sign up for a premium account, make sure you don’t use the same payment method. The data from the card will already be on their system, and they will recognize who it is. You don’t want to get banned again after all that hard work.

Another trick they can get you on is linking your Instagram profile. While it may allow instant access to your pictures, it also gives them more data. Their sophisticated AI could spot you resulting in a second ban.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

Now you know how to get unbanned from Tinder, don’t make the same mistakes. The process is lengthy and time-consuming. Check back and see what you did wrong, then avoid doing it again.