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How to Get Out of The Friend Zone With a Guy – Tips For Women

You were once great pals, but you feel that things are changing. You suddenly have feelings and decide you want more. But how can you get him to feel the same?

Being the constant friend is not a nice position to be in. However, if it can be developed, it is a solid foundation for a long and happy relationship. Read on as we discuss how to get out of the friend zone with a guy.

Take Your Time

When getting out of the friend zone, you need to know it is not going to happen overnight. All those romcoms you watched pack a few years into a two-hour film. You are going to have to play the same waiting game.

Start by cooling off a little. Don’t be as eager to see them and hang out or respond to everything they ask you. Understand that patience is the key.

Expand Your Horizons

Expanding your circle works on many levels. It will help instil some competition, a little jealousy and will even do you a lot of good. You may even find someone else to distract you.

Start to hang about with new friends. Take up some new activities, get out and meet new people.

Once you start spending less time together, be sure to tell him about all the other things you have been doing. If it does not instil some sort of response, then you can rest assured the relationship is not going anywhere. However, you may find they try to claim that lost time back, showing they do have some interest.

Date Other People

One facet of expanding your horizons is to date other people. Get yourself in some dating forums or download some apps. Use the time you would spend with him to go and get flattered by someone who wants to spend time with you.

Firstly, this will do wonders for your confidence. The only rule is to make sure it is not with people in his circle of friends. This could make him retreat even further.

Many people would say that you should make him know you have been dating. However, you want to keep an air of mystery. If it comes up in conversation, let him know. Tell him about some dates but let him find out about others.

Don’t Forget to Flirt

You may already be doing this, in which case don’t forget to carry on! However, some people stop flirting once they enter the friend zone. Other people don’t know how to do it anyway.

Start with some body language. Give them the odd touch or stroke on the arm and draw closer when you are speaking to them. You may use open body language or play with your hair a little.

Don’t be afraid to joke with them either. You might even have the type of relationship where you can poke a little bit of flirty fun their way.

If you do it enough, and in front of others, your friend circle will pick up on it even if they don’t. It is inevitable that they will ask them all about it later. This can often be the first indicator for some people that they have a friend who may want to take it further.

Get Them to Invest in You

The next part of the plan is to get them to invest in you. In a relationship, people want to feel needed. In fact, part of the reason you may be in the friend zone is that you give them everything, but they feel they have very little to give back.

Ask them to help you out with something. It could be household tasks like DIY, or an apartment move. The trick is to get them working for you, not the other way around.

This role reversal helps foster the relationship. It may also provide a great opportunity to be alone together, where you can try some of the other tricks and hints.

Get Sexy

This may sound shallow, but it is a universal truth. The sexier you get, the more a guy is going to be attracted to you.

Try to get into shape, if you are not already. We are not talking about a full, all-out lifestyle change. All you need is to spend a few hours a week doing exercise, toning up, and losing a little weight.

Men are attracted to all different body types. You are not going for a stick-thin look, but you are trying to look healthy, whatever your body shape.

Follow this up by turning your wardrobe upside down. Get some new, sexy clothes. You don’t have to turn up in lingerie, but a few new outfits that suit your style and turn heads.

Give an Ultimatum

By this point, you should have taken part in a long-term plan that has changed his perception of you. If you have still had no luck, then you may as well go for broke. It is time to give him an ultimatum.

Many people would worry about ruining the friendship. The truth is that if you have gone to these lengths to get a response, the friendship is not working anyway.

All relationships are about deciding if what you put in is worth the return you get. In these instances, you want more than the other is willing to give and the relationship is not functioning.

With nothing to lose, and no more cards left to play, you may as well go for broke. Tell them how you feel, how long you have felt it for, and what you want. If the answer is no, it will hurt, but at least you can start the process of moving on.

Start Again

If after all that it has not worked, don’t be disheartened. Now you know how to get out of the friend zone with a guy, you know how to avoid it in the future. You should have also developed a new, confident, sexy you that is sure to find the right partner.