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Great Tinder bios

The Untold Secret to Writing Great Tinder Bios for Guys

Honesty is not always the best policy, and nowhere is that truer than in your dating profile. While you don’t want to tell extravagant lies, potential dates don’t want to know your boring life story. So how can you embellish the truth and make it more appealing?

Luckily, there are several ways you can do this without looking like an ego-driven fanatic. Read on as we give our untold secrets to writing awesome Tinder bios for guys.

Be Concise

The appeal of Tinder is that it is a fast, quick way to date. A picture pops up, you make a snap judgment based on the picture. If you like it, you scan the profile, then swipe left or right.

Anything that impedes that speed is a distraction, and one way to do this is to write a lengthy profile bio. One of the first rules for writing copy on the internet is that large chunks of text make people look elsewhere. Its works for blogs like this one, and the same principle applies to your Tinder profile.

Start by writing a normal bio for yourself. Once complete, begin to edit it and cut it down. You want to aim for around three to four, easy to read sentences in length.

Drop it into a grammar editor such as Hemingway. Your readability score should be no more than seven, and ideally a five. While it may seem like an extreme length, it is sure to get you many more responses.

Make Your First Impressions Count

Once you have those concise four sentences, you need to make them count. At this point, the person obviously finds you mildly attractive. But now they need to find you interesting.

By interesting, we mean unique. Everyone likes going to the gym, socializing, and eating out. So, those kind of interests are not going to do you any favors. What is it that makes you unique?

Imagine you are one of your friends reading the bio without any context. Would they be able to guess it describes you? Or would it be another generic dating bio?

Take a Gamble

Of course, being unique involves taking a gamble. This is usually something that makes you stand out an awful lot. In some instances, it may put prospective dates off, but for others, you will be the best thing they have seen on Tinder all day long.

So, what does a risk on a Tinder bio look like? Usually, it involves humour. And if you can poke fun at yourself, then you are more likely to make prospective partners warm to you.

This could involve describing your job or interests in a quirky, off-the-wall way. You may put a description of yourself that is so outlandish, people can do nothing but laugh and know it’s a joke.

Ditch the Negativity

Would you actually date someone, who only used a few words for their opener and filled it with negativity? Would you want to be with someone who looks on the bad side of everything? We doubt it, and other people would think the same.

Negativity has no place in a bio. Do people care that you are going to ditch the site? Do they want to know about how you have managed to overcome terrible adversity and bad times?

One mistake you must avoid is talking about any failed previous relationships. Maybe you are sick of being hurt or fresh out of a ten-year marriage, but people don’t want to know. Replace negative comments with ones that have a positive outcome on your profile.

Use Genuine Pictures

We live in an age where the image is everything. However, the more staged and filtered pictures become, the more they lose their meaning. Because they are not real or genuine.

Your pictures should count, and they should tell stories about you and your life. Make sure they are natural pictures, taken when you are doing something that tells the person about you.

You know that expensive hotel you stayed in once about ten years ago? The picture of you in the infinity pool may seem cool, but it is not you. In fact, staged pictures make a profile look disingenuous.

Select pictures of you when you have been doing a hobby, or a passion. It could show places you have been, but don’t pick the ones that make you seem like a rich rap star (unless you are).

Walk the Line

There are two types of Tinder profiles. The first is the egomaniac style of profile. It has pictures of people in a club drinking Hennessy or sitting on the hood of a Lamborghini rented for the hour.

This type of profile shows someone with an ego. They are interested in making themselves look good, in shallow, meaningless ways.

The second profile is the clueless profile. Pictures of this are usually the people who try to sound and look interesting but come off as lame and weird. People with memes on their profile or pictures of themselves swinging light sabres could be an example.

This profile is off putting as it shows the person as someone who is uncomfortable with their own persona. They try so hard to fit in, they follow the crowd in everything from humor to interests. They come off as not that interesting.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, you need to use these measures to check anything on your profile and aim to reach the middle ground between them, thus walking the line. Do the pictures show you as an egomaniac or clueless? If so, then get rid of them.

End with a First Date Reference

One great way to end any bio is with a reference to the first date. It does not have to be sweet and saccharine. In fact, it works better if it is not even a direct reference.

Make a comment about the kind of restaurants you love to visit. Talk about where you like to go for a drink or a local trip you want to take. This is almost like a call to action, so the person will finish imagining themselves on the date.

Ask a Friend

The final step when creating a great Tinder bio for guys is to ask a friend. What do they think of it? A friend is an objective opinion, who is more likely to offer you great advice than anyone else.

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