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Dating profiles

Examples of Self Descriptions for a Dating Site

How many times have you skipped over a profile because the description was blank, or not bothered to fill your own in? The self-description is the most dreaded part of signing up for a dating site. So how do you write one that is guaranteed to make people swipe right?

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach, but there are tactics to make your profile more likely to stand out. Read on as we discuss some great examples of self-descriptions for dating sites.

Create a Great Headline

Some dating sites allow you to have an eye-catching headline. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Get it wrong and people will pass you by without a glance but get it right and you can be catapulted to dating success.

Unfortunately, you often have very little space to write. That is why you need to stay concise. You could opt for a cheesy chat-up line or get straight to the point about who you are.

Do you like raisins? How would you feel about a date?

Animal lover. Doctor. Traveling spirit.

Staying Honest

When writing a dating profile, you need to skirt a very fine line. On one hand, you don’t want to come across as boring. On the other, people value honesty in a dating profile and you don’t want to tell lies and mistruths that could later come undone.

Be as honest as you can. Include your hobbies and interests, and not the ones you think people will want to see. Most people go to the gym and enjoy eating out, so why would that make you stand out?

In addition, you need to be honest about who you are. Use your real name, and not a nickname or code name. You should also ensure you have good, clear pictures. If not, people will assume you have something to hide and may be using the site for an affair.

Hi! I am Blue, a regular office worker with a dark side. Interests include eating out, socializing, and hitting the gym after a hard day.

This type of profile tells you nothing. Firstly, it is apparent that is not their real name. Secondly, they have included hobbies that almost anyone would do or ones that people would put on their profile to sound interesting. It also tells you nothing about their occupation other than they work in an office.

James here, known as Blue to my friends. Love to eat sushi and wash it down with craft beer tasting sessions. Currently working as an accountant in a start-up.

This is much improved. We know more about the person and while they don’t give personal details away, we get more of their character.

Back It up With Social Proof

Whatever you choose to place in your profile, it can always help to back it up. This can be done with your images, and in particular, ones that use social proof. Social proof is when other people in your peer group approve of you and attach value to you. You can achieve social proof by using pictures that put you in a prominent position as compared to other people in the image.

For example, if the picture shows a person talking, and a group around them laughing, it backs up the notion that you are a humorous, funny person. If you have a picture in which you are the head of a group, with others in a less prominent position to you, it shows you are a strong person with leadership skills.

If you can select high-quality images that reflect what you are saying in the profile, it adds an air of authenticity. Make sure they are in the first three profile pictures.

Writing the About You

This is the part of the profile that many people try to skimp on or leave totally blank. The truth is that it is hard to write about yourself, and not have it come off as bland or on the other end, boastful. It also involves releasing a lot of information about yourself to others.

Firstly, you don’t want it to come off as a biography. In fact, once written, you should edit it several times to check it only has relevant and interesting information in it. No one wants to know the finer details.

I was born in 1995. After going to school, I decided I wanted a career in nursing. This didn’t work out, and I got a job in a local grocery store.

The above is a pretty boring example. People already know your age from the profile, and everyone went to school. The next thing is a listing of a failure, so the whole thing turns people off right away.

Go Creative

One option, for creative and artistic individuals, is to fill your profile with interests and influences. This shows the type of person you are and also gives an insight into how you think. In fact, if you have the same specific likes, it can be a great conversation starter.

Hi there, Anna here. I am a full-time artist who loves to work in oils. Influenced by Cezanne and Jenny Saville. When I am not painting, I love to travel and see beautiful architecture around the world!

Go Comedic

If you have a few jokes in you, then take a comedy route. If you can poke some fun at yourself, you will come across as not too serious and more endearing. Who wouldn’t want to date someone with a great sense of humour?

If you like making burger towers and drinking cheap wine, then you have come to the right place! A full-time history teacher, I hope to make our first meeting the most important date of all!

Classic cinema lover wanting to share his passion with someone special. By classic cinema, I mean Disney blockbusters. And yes, I do include The Aristocats in that!

Go Adventurous

Some people are adventurous and want someone to experience life with. If this is you, then don’t be afraid to tell people. The beauty of this type of profile is that it will always instil excitement in whoever reads it, even if you are talking about something that is quite normal to you.

Global traveler. Currently got an urge to visit Russia, wrap up warm in the snow and drink crisp, clean vodka. When I am at home, I am an avid travel documentary watcher.

Looking for someone to experience the beauty of our country with. Love hiking and photography, so I want to jump in an RV and hit the open road.

Stay Introverted

Not everyone wants to rewrite the rule book. Some people want a loving, quiet life. If you are the introverted type, then it helps to let others know about it. Many people will actually find this endearing.

I am a pretty introverted soul, though confident in myself. I love to spend time getting to know each other, but equally like some time alone. I also like to cook for others and try out my new recipes.

Mix and Match

Of course, no one person fits into one category. It is perfectly acceptable to mix and match these styles. In fact, this will show you as a much more rounded individual in your dating profile.

If you are still struggling with the dating scene after this, then we can help you out. Click here to read our best Tinder bios for guys, to improve your chances of landing that dream date even further!