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Dating Profile Examples for Men

Did you know that women swipe right 14% of the time on Tinder, compared to men at 46%. This means women are very selective, and it is hard to grab their attention. Part of being the one they swipe right on comes from knowing how to craft a perfect dating profile.

Of course, there is no one size fits all approach. Read on for our must know dating profile examples for men and you could meet your soulmate very soon.

Focus on Images

The first port of call, before you do any profile crafting, is to address your images. In fact, 38% of people who swipe right believe that the better the pictures, the more chance they have of connecting.

The first three pictures on your profile are the most important. After this, you can start to pay less care and attention.  Obviously, the first picture should be the best one you have in your arsenal.

Make sure the picture shows your face clearly. Don’t wear hats, glasses or anything else that obscures the face. Use waist up pictures or headshots.

If you are in a group, then make sure it is obvious that you are the main person in the shot. Group holiday snaps confuse the situation and could have people wondering which one is actually you.

Using Buzzwords

Badoo did survey the most used dating buzzwords, which you can see below. They also surveyed what words got the most swipes, bringing out a wide range of both predictable and unpredictable results.

Badoo most swiped words

Men who talked about cars and the gym tended to fare better on the swipe front. Another contender were men who talked about their beards, so if you don’t have one it may be time to start growing. For women, beer, blue eyes and love came out on top.

What the survey failed to address was that because they are popular and got the most swipes, does not mean they are the most successful. It could just be that so many profiles have these words on them, they naturally get more swipes. You could also run the risk of becoming the same as everyone else, so just be careful.


Self-deprecating humour is defined as modesty about, or criticism of one’s own self. It generally involves the ability to poke fun at your own life, personality, traits, and shortcomings. It is a tactic employed by lots of stand-up comedians, as it not only makes people laugh but helps them warm to you.

Because of this, a bit of self-deprecation goes a long way. It shows you are funny, do not take things too seriously, but are generally pretty open about yourself. You also show that you are a stand-up guy by laughing at yourself, instead of others.

Here are a few examples:

Fun loving gamer geek seeks companion. Because believe it or not, even the World of Warcraft gets lonely sometimes.

Looking for evenings in spent perusing my comic book collection (Though you will have to wear gloves) or nights on the town.

Using Emojis

Emojis are an excellent tool when online dating. This is because they imply so much but leave a lot left unsaid. That adds an air of mystery and intrigue, while showing that you do not take anything too serious. In fact, in the previously mentioned dating study by Badoo, it was found that women react better to profiles that contain emojis.

Try writing out a headline in emojis. You could use them to sum up your interests, or even discuss your ideal date. They could even be used to pose questions, getting the all-important conversation off the ground.

            Our first date in emojis. 🚕🍕🍷🍷💋🤷‍♂️🚕

Career driven, self-built man. Loves ✈ and playing 🎸. Looking for a girl to start a🔥 in my ❤

If you’re really feeling bold, once you establish contact with her, then you could go for a full on emoji-laden conversation like this Canadian guy did:

Being Confident and Concise

Online dating is a fast-paced game, often decided on a whim or a quick glance. Therefore, it pays to make your descriptions as short as possible. If you can get across what you are in as few words as possible, you have more chance of making a match.

Break it down into three distinct phrases. The first should be something about how you live your life. It can be about your work or leisure habits. Secondly, talk about what you do for a living.

Lastly, tell them something about what you want to do in your spare time. This can be a hobby or pastime. Round it off by asking a question or posing a thought, so they have an action to respond to.

Adrenaline junkie. Medical professional. Qualified ski instructor. How about a night on the piste? I promise it won’t go downhill fast.

Fast lane driver. Entrepreneur. Wine connoisseur. What’s your tipple?

The Tongue in Cheek Romantic

Everyone, no matter what they say, loves a cheesy chat up line. In a bar, they can come across as cocky and out of touch. Yet on a dating profile, they can take on a whole new meaning.

The trick is to never play it as if you are being serious. This portrays you as a fun loving, comical guy, but one who is still an old-fashioned romantic underneath.

Ideally, you should round your chat up line off with a question. This gives the potential suitor something to answer. It is a call to action, instructing them what to do next.

Are you reading this using Wi-Fi or 4G? Because either way, I am feeling a connection. How about you?

Would you be willing to give me a loan? Because you have got my interest!  Where do I sign?

By Day, By Night

A profile that uses these terms is a great, fast way to show a dual identity. Essentially, you are laying out what you are as a career person, and what you do in your spare time. The more contrast there is between them, the more interesting the profile becomes.

If you don’t want to give away all the secrets, then blur the descriptions a little. For example, a teacher could become an educator. If you enjoy skateboarding, put it as extreme sportsperson. The more mystery you create, the more interesting the profile becomes.

            Developing property by day. Sailing the seven seas by night. Who wants to take a trip on the ocean?

Accountant by day, international poker champion by night. But are you willing to take a gamble?

Being The Fantasist

This profile is very specific. However, it will attract a very specific type of girl, and that girl will be ideal for you. It also involves opening up a little, and letting people know your hopes and dreams.

For this one, you basically give them your life plan. Embellish it a little, so it sounds romantic and idealistic. Make the person reading want that life as well.

            This time next year I want to visit Japan, eat Sushi and ride a Bullet Train. Five years after that, I want to have sailed down the Amazon. All of this would be much better if I did it with my soulmate. Making memories together.

My plan is to retire early. Cook BBQ for my wife, children and their grandchildren. Drink cocktails overlooking the sea. Ride about on bicycles. Basically, have the perfect life.

The Boaster

When it comes to dating profiles, there really is nothing wrong with a good boast. With so little space, it pays to show your accomplishments. It also paints you as a person who is confident in their achievements and knows what they want.

Try to balance the boast out with a human side and some positivity. This cushions the blow, as writing a list of everything you are good at will come across as being arrogant.

Self-made millionaire who believes everyone has the ability to achieve. Wants someone to share travel and good food with.

Award winning chef with his own restaurant. Food is life, and I want to cook up a storm in the kitchen with you!

Trying Them Out

How did these profiles work for you? Are you still having trouble making a match? If so, then check out one of our reviews for a premium dating site like Established Men and see how you long it will take you to find a serious date!