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Best Time To Use Tinder Boost

Did you know that the chances of getting a match for a guy on Tinder is around 0.6 percent? Despite the ease with which we can swipe right, dating apps can become an arduous task. So how do you increase that success rate and cut down the time it takes to find a date?

One option is for paid services, and on Tinder, they come in the form of boosts. Read on as we give our guide on the best time to use Tinder Boost.

What is Tinder Boost?

Tinder boost is a service added to the Tinder platform. When used, it makes your profile one of the top profiles in your local area, thus boosting your chances of a match. This only lasts for 30 minutes, so you only get it for a narrow window of time.

Tinder boost does not enhance your profile itself. The pictures and description stay the same. However, it puts you first and foremost in a large pool of people also looking to date.

Imagine you are in a crowd of 300 people. Your potential match has to wade through that crowd to find someone she likes, such as you. She may never even reach or see you, or she may get tired and give up halfway.

If you were at the front of that crowd, you have a much better chance of being picked out. That is what Tinder Boost does. It places you at the front of the digital crowd, meaning people are more likely to see your profile.

How Much Does Tinder Boost Cost?

Tinder does not have the most unified pricing structure. Depending upon your age and location, prices for its additional packages vary. As these are the main way to get boosts, you may end up paying vastly different prices to someone else.

Firstly, you could sign up for the Tinder Plus or Gold packages. Each of them will give you one boost per month. If you are only signing up to use the boost features, then it may be better to take the second option.

This is to buy boosts separately. They come in blocks of one, five and ten boosts. However, they are not cheap and cost just over $5 per boost, if you buy in blocks of ten.

To purchase them, all you need to do is go to the profile icon and tap settings. You then need to touch the purple lightning icon and choose the amount you want to buy. 

What Is a Super Boost?

A superboost is an option only available to people on the paid membership plans. It acts in the same way as a boost, but with several added benefits. Tinder claims that it will put you in front of 100 times more potential profile matches.

You can choose how long you actually want the boost to last for, ranging from three to a huge 12-hour stint. It can only be used during peak hours, which are in the evening. Prices vary once more but are around $39.99 for a three-hour period.

When Is the Best Time to Use Tinder Boost?

To get the most from your boosts, you need to use them at peak times. This maximises you chances of meeting a potential match. However, the peak times can change depending on what you are looking for. Dating apps have the most traffic on weekends.

  • Women in the older age groups, being 45 and up, tend to visit on Sunday between five and seven pm.
  • Girls in the thirty and up age group prefer to be online Friday and Saturday, from eight until the late evening.
  • The 18 to mid-20s age group are mainly online Saturday evening, at the earlier times of five until seven.

Activity for men becomes a little more varied.

  • The youngest age group, 18 to mid-20s, are online between five and seven on Friday.
  • Saturday evening is taken up by the bulk of the age range. Late 20s to early 30s and the 55 plus group tend to be online between five and seven. Mid 30s to 40s tend to be online slightly later on Saturday, between eight and midnight.

However, other studies have shown that Tinder has the most activity on Thursday and Sunday. I would suggest buying a package of five Tinder boosts, and trying them once a day, Thursday to Sunday at the suggested times. You can check which bring the most results and use your leftover one the next week.

How to Increase Tinder Boost Matches

While boosting you profile is useful, if the profile itself is lacking, you may still find that you get very few matches. Luckily, there are a few hacks you can use to make your profile much more appealing.

Understandably, your photo is crucial. You need at least three profile pictures, but your main one has to be the priority. You need to be smiling, making eye contact with the camera. Ensure the photo is cropped so it only shows the top half of your body, and make sure it is well lit.

Avoid using any sort of filter. People do not like it if you have snapchatted bunny ears or a dog’s nose on your profile picture. Also, make sure the flash does not create harsh shadows in the shot.

You can also work on refining your Tinder bio. In this, you have very few words to make a good impression. You can read our guide on improving your Tinder bio here.

How Did It Work for You?

Now you know the best time to use Tinder Boost, then get dating! Start by upgrading your profile and improving your pictures, before testing your boost at optimum periods. In no time at all, you are sure to be back on the dating scene.

If you are still tired of the Tinder scene, then let us help. We have multiple reviews on the best paid dating sites. Click here to read our review of Dream Singles and you could be meeting the love of your life starting today!