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Backpage Alternative Websites – Where To Now?

In 2004, Backpage opened its classified ads site on the internet. It became a hub for selling everything and anything considered forbidden. By the time it closed in 2018, it was one of the biggest sites for selling sex and related services on the internet.

Once closed, it became hard to find a centralized place where these services could advertise. A number of alternatives began to spring up in its place. Read on as we discuss the best Backpage alternative websites.

When Backpage shutdown, many of the girls who advertised there moved to Tryst. Tryst is a huge website, that lists all types of adult entertainers. From escorts to strippers, you can hire anything here.

Tryst actually has some nice touches and seems to care about the people that advertise on the site. Anyone who is both a sex worker and artist can contact them to have their work commissioned for use on the website. It has an easy-to-use interface, with in-depth profiles and pictures.

Euro Girls Escort

Euro Girls Escort is understandably, only for those living in Europe. It is a listing page for girls who are selling services. It is extensive and covers almost every country, including countries as far afield as Armenia.

The beauty of this site is it does not look like a boring, classifieds website. It is filled with high-res images and pictures and in-depth profiles. It makes it easy to skim and search for what you want, without the hassle.

You don’t even need to sign in or create a log in to view the profiles. In fact, you can even get phone numbers with a simple click.

Being in Europe, it is more likely to hold strong and remain out of the reaches of the FBI unlike Backpage was.


Slixa is another handy to use escort directory, that looks more like old-school directory sites. It concentrates on the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. All of this is broken down into cities, so you can see who is listing in your local area.

Once you click on these, you have a collage of posts and pictures from escort girls. It is not the most extensive list, but it will do what you need.

Escort Directory

Escort Directory is another quick and easy to use service. In fact, it is pretty much a one-page search engine for escorts. All you do is type in the name, phone number, or location and hit search.

You can create a log-in or sign up, but this is not needed. The number of escorts on this website is vast, so you should find something to suit your needs in most locations.


Rubmaps is a unique alternative to Backpage. Firstly, it only deals with the US and is broken down into states. Secondly, it is a site that rates and reviews massage parlours only.

Clicking on a profile gives you a map featuring the parlour’s location. It has a phone number and hours of opening. Below are reviews from people who have visited the parlour, and these are updated on an almost daily basis.

To read the reviews, you do have to go premium. This is where you can find out the services that are on offer. With sidebars advertising reflexology centres and foot massages, you could find yourself at the wrong type of parlour quite easily.

Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey is one of the best names for an escort directory I have heard of. However, the site itself is quite standard. It also focuses on the US audience only.

The search bar categorizes in states, and the newest escort reviews are on the main feed. At the top is a simple search bar that you can use to type in the city, phone number, or name of an escort. is another simple, easy-to-use directory for escort girls. This time, the top bar splits it into work categories such as escorts, massage, and even dancers. After this, you can search by state or country.

If you are outside of the US, the interface does become a little hard to use. You can only search in London for example, if you want to search in the UK. However, profiles are quite plentiful and filled in, so provide another good choice for the US audience.


Bedpage works exactly the same as Craigslist, breaking down categories into countries and states or provinces. The difference is that it places adult services front and centre. Though you can still use it to sell used cars, find band members, and do the day-to-day stuff you would elsewhere.

Adult categories are jobs, escort services, body rubs, fetish, and even extends to strip clubs. Some areas have a much better listing response and are more used than others. However, there are many other sites more populous and easier to use.

For anyone after trans escorts, then this website is the directory to visit. Its geographical categories are extensive, going far outside the US and into some very far-flung provinces. The top search bar lets you switch between female and male escorts, and even switch straight to live cams.

The only downside to TS Escorts is that you won’t find many people on here. Non-niche sites seemed to have more trans services than this place. Unless you are in a major city, it is not worth your time.

Classified Ads

Classified ads are an old-school affair. It has all the listings to sell your old junk, look for regular jobs and find rental properties. As standard, at the back is the section for personal ads.

You won’t find outright adverts for escorts, so you have to check what is implied. Be aware that some of the adverts may be genuine looking for love classifieds although unlikely with most of these sites.