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Sugardaddymeet review Review

Sugardaddymeet overview Overview
Excellent, professional sugardating site
One of my favourite sites. A little expensive, but the quality is miles ahead of other sites. You would have to work hard to not find a match.
Profile Quality
App Usability
Responsiveness of Users
Chances of Hooking Up
Chances of Meeting a Life Partner
Genuineness of Users
Bang for Buck
Lots of real, genuine profiles.
Easy to use, functional website with easy payment methods and tiers.
Useful for all sexualities and genders.
Searches for couples looking for a Sugar Baby would be helpful.
Expensive, though you do get your money's worth.
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Did you know that some Sugar Babies can charge up to $500 per date? While this is an attention-grabbing statistic, for many people in sugar relationships the arrangement is much more realistic. But do you know how to find that perfect sugar relationship online?

Sugar Daddy Meet is one website that markets itself at upscale sugar dating. I dive headfirst into its luxury world and see how it compares to other dating sites.

My Initial Impression

The initial impression on Sugar Daddy Meet shows a very impressive website. In fact, everything about it looks different and more upmarket than other dating sites. The standard interface and design are gone, and the website has a simple, sleek black and white design.

Scrolling down the site, the standard information about members and different testimonials are on the website. Lots of the focus and language on the website is about being selective about its members. For example, applications are only accepted from the 20 richest countries in the world.

Sugardaddymeet user

Getting Started On Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet starts with a pretty standard sign-up process. All you need are a few details, an email confirmation and you are in. You can also choose a few different language options, showing it is a site committed to global sugar relationships.

Once you are into the system, you go straight to your profile. All of the standard features are there. You can put in your photos and your personal details.

Two features that Sugar Daddy Meet has that put it above other sugar daddy sites are its verification methods. You have an option to verify both your photos and income. In doing this, you are put into a category of people that are definitely not timewasters and increase your appeal to more women.

To get the photo verified, you need a picture on your profile to begin. They even have a quick Facebook uploader, so you can choose from your social media profiles. Once you have done this, a photo ID is needed so the website can confirm the picture is you.

To verify your income, you do need a premium membership. You then need to attach a personal tax statement to prove your income, along with your photo identity. All of this then verifies the income, making you a more attractive prospect to sugar babies. A pretty rock solid way of proving that the people on the site are REAL and have the funds they say they have. It is something that really gives the site credibility and sway over some of its competitors.

Sugardaddymeet user

Locating Profiles

When you go to your homepage, you have the options for a quick search. This lets you search by country, relationship type and age. For a more extensive search, you can visit the main search in the top bar.

This immediately brings up people you have already been matched with. In addition, it has a lot of search options that are laid out in a much better, easy-to-use way than many of the other sugar daddy sites we have visited. Sliders, locations, and extra options are all on the sidebar, though many remain locked until you go premium.

The first thing that struck me about the profiles was how genuine they were. Pictures were taken from people’s Instagram or Snapchat and were out of focus selfies and home shots. None of the glitzy, fake model pictures from spams accounts existed on here that you find on other sites.

It was also endearing that the girls were truthful. They described themselves as having a few extra pounds, talked about exactly what they wanted and why they wanted it. They were real people.

The first search I conducted was for a female in the UK. Over 500 profiles appeared that matched my search criteria. There were a lot of profiles in London, but just as many in further-flung, quite remote parts of the country.

Next, I turned my attention to the US. Narrowed down by state, a huge number of profiles appeared once more. Over 500 of them in fact and searching through they all followed the same pattern. Genuine, well-written profiles that had real girls on them.

What Kind of People Use Sugar Daddy Meet?

I was surprised to know that the age group on Sugar Daddy Meet is quite wide-ranging. I had assumed it would all be women in their twenties. Though this was the main age group, there was plenty of attractive woman in their forties on the website.

Sugardaddymeet another user

You can also find every type of girl you would wish for. They don’t all follow the typical stereotypes of a sugar baby that you may imagine. Some were just naturally pretty, normal girls.

What was reassuring, was that a lot of the profiles have premium membership. This showed girls who were looking for a relationship and were willing to put money into it. It wasn’t a few either, lots of the profiles were paying for higher placements in searches.

Another indicator of their intent was that a lot of the profiles were filled in. Very often, these sites have very little written in the profiles. If they are fake profiles, it is often generic content. However, here it was all well written, individual, and often quite funny.

How Good Is Free Membership?

The best thing about Sugar Daddy Meet, is that you never feel pressured to upgrade your membership. The services you can’t use have a clear lock sign on them. The website does not wait for you to click on something before giving you a popup prompting you to pay.

With a free membership, you still get a lot of functionality. You can search and browse as many profiles as you like. In addition, you can look through pictures and search wherever.

Is Paid Membership Worth It?

The paid membership for Sugar Daddy Meet is simple and only has one-tier. This is refreshing, as there is no playing around with credits or different packages that are almost identical. You are either free or paid.

The greatest asset about paid membership is you can verify your photos and income. This makes your chances of matching increase. If you are seeking others who have also done the same, then you have an assurance that the site has no timewasters.

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The site claims that upgrading increases your chances of meeting by 500% and the chances of being contacted become 20 times more likely. Usually, I would find this claim dubious. However, Sugar Daddy Meet was the first site where I believed what they were saying, due to their rigorous member testing.

You can also begin sending and receiving messages, something that is essential but not included in free. All of your paying privileges are opened up on all platforms, and you get enhanced privacy protection.

If that is not enough to persuade you, then the site does not stop there. It has a list of over forty benefits you get when you sign up. Amongst many others, they include proposing first dates, viewing the last login times, and getting put to the top of searches.

However, all of this comes at quite a high price. For one month, you will be paying $50 for access to premium membership. The more months you pay in advance, the more the price goes down, up to 60%. You can only ever pay 6 months in advance at any time.

All transactions have automatic renewal, so be careful to turn them off if you don’t want to carry on. Payment can be made with all major credit or debit cards.

LGBT Sugar Daddy Dating

Luckily, Sugar Daddy Meet does not only cater for heterosexual relationships. In fact, you can expect as much of a response looking for same-sex partners as you can other searches. This is very rare for dating, and in particular, Sugar Daddy sites.

I repeated the previous searches I had done for males looking for male sugar babies. In the US, over 500 matches appeared in one California alone. Once again, these pictures were genuine people of all shapes and sizes.

Another check in the UK revealed as many. It also had some trans profiles, though you cannot search for these specifically. Repeated with girls searching for girls, it was exactly the same.

How Good Is the SugarDaddyMeet App?

The website does have an app on the Google store. It follows a standard, Tinder-style interface. However, with this app you get all the benefits of their verification programs, meaning you can rest assured that matches are genuine.

Sugardaddymeet swipe right

In the user reviews, the app scores well. As is a common trait among these app reviews, bad reviews are for people who expect the app to be free. It isn’t and should be viewed as an extension of your premium account.

Once past this, the majority of ratings are four and five stars. Many people praise the quality of the profiles and the ease with which you can get a match.

How Discreet is Sugar Daddy Meet?

Any charges to your card will appear as SDM, meaning you do not have to worry about the website showing up on your statements. Apart from this, the site is as discreet as you want it to be. The only trouble is the less information and pictures you place on your profile, the less likely you are to find a match.

How Is the Customer Service?

We had no problems with customer service at all. At the bottom of the page is a help and FAQ section should you get stuck. They also have a company address to contact them at, and email addresses to send different questions to.

With premium membership, one of the added features is premium customer care. Another nice feature is their database of over 1500 articles on dating advice. All of this shows they are working towards helping people meet.

My Overall Impressions of SugarDaddyMeet

Sugar Daddy Meet is one of the best-paid sugar dating sites on the internet. This is for a number of reasons.

The first is its ease of use. It has no tricks or scams to get you to pay more. You are either free, and you know what you can and can’t do, or premium, and you access everything. It is simple, but it works.

Secondly, the quality of the profiles is excellent. With rigorous verification, you get a website that is a great mix of people who know what they are looking for. It also has a good balance of men to women, rare for these websites.

Sugardaddymeet latina user

It has just as many profiles for LGBT relationships. As a sugar dating site, a feature for couples seeking arrangements could be helpful. However, it may not be the type of clientele they are hoping to attract.

The app is a very well-run, useful device. It is easy to get to grips with and is an excellent extension of your premium package.

Once you are verified, you have a high chance of meeting someone. This applies wherever you are, and whatever your orientation is.

Should I Join Sugar Daddy Dating?

Yes! In my reviews so far, it is the most genuine sugar dating site I have come across. It is expensive, but this is what separates it from other sites. Profiles are genuine and not filled with spam, made-up profiles.

This applies to anyone, whatever they are looking for. It has a huge range of people in a wider range of places. You will be hard pushed to find a better site.