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A Little Dated But Still Worth A Go
This website has a strong community, though it may have waned a little with age. There are genuine profiles on it, but you do need to do a good strong search. If you are willing to put time and money into a Sugar relationship, then it is worth trying your luck.
Profile Quality
App Usability
Responsiveness of Users
Chances of Hooking Up
Chances of Meeting a Life Partner
Genuineness of Users
Bang for Buck
Huge amount of profiles to choose from.
Very useful if you are a female looking for a guy.
Easy to understand pricing plan.
The website interface is quite dated.
It is unclear if some users are still active.
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Are you looking for a sugar daddy or sugar baby experience? The sugar phenomenon is one that initially seems to be made of practicality. An older, richer guy or lady takes out a younger partner in exchange for gifts and rewards.

However, many people do find genuine connections by doing this. So how do you find that sugary treat in today’s modern world? touts itself as the king of all sugar daddy sites. It has a database of over 7.5 million members ready to hook up. Read on as I delve into the site and see how good they are at finding that sweet sugar babe!

How Fast Can You Sign Up?

Upon signing up, you can see why the site claims to be the biggest site for sugar daddies. It has a host of categories for you to choose from, from gay sugar daddies to genders seeking extramarital affairs. In fact, it has one of the largest ranges of profiles I have seen on a sugar daddy dating site yet.

The initial signup page is easy to use. It asks some standard questions such as age, username, and email. All of this can be completed in well under a minute and before you know it, you are onboard.

Sugardaddy user lineup

You are then sent to a second page which is a little more complex. It asks you to give your income, ethnicity, relationship status, and some other information about yourself. All of this is to help you narrow down your perfect match later in the search.

Verification is then done with a six-digit code sent to your email. The whole process takes less than five minutes, depending on how in-depth you go with your profile description. So far, it was a pretty quick process asking for just enough information without keeping me from the good stuff.

What Do You Get with Free Membership?

Once you have verified your profile, for the first three days, the site gives verified users full access to messaging services. All you have to do is wait for the profile to be approved. This was also done quickly.

Their free membership access is more comprehensive than most sites give. Free members can have three images added to a profile and can view three profile images of any single member. This is a good deal compared to a lot of other free memberships.

What Do You Get With Paid Membership on

Price plans run in two membership tiers. These are diamond, at $44.95 per month, and platinum at $39.95. It is worth noting that the small print also adds a monthly admin fee of $5.95, which is a minimal charge for the number of profiles you are getting.

The platinum package allows you to have email limited storage. Your chat history is not saved, at this level, though you can have unlimited pictures uploaded. However, once you get talking to someone it is unlikely you will only communicate on the site, so the chat history is not needed anyway.

You also have the option to add full contact to any packages for an extra $14.95 per month. This lets nonpaying members contact you and reply to your emails. I personally don’t think this is worthwhile unless you are good looking and expect a lot of responses.

Payment can be completed with a credit card or Paypal. Payment is charged monthly, though there were no discounts for quarterly or yearly payments. This is standard on other sites and it’s a shame they don’t have it here.

Sugardaddy premium

What Are the Chances of a Guy Finding a SugarMommy?

One of the highlights of the site is that it does have a lot of members. Many of them are active as of two weeks ago, so you can be assured people are using the site.

As a quick search I looked in the Chicago area. This only brought up four women who had logged in recently, though the profile pictures and descriptions seemed to be genuine. They were from real people, unlike many of the spam profiles I have found on other websites.

Outside of the US, the profiles do thin out a little. A search around London only produced one recent match, though again it seemed to be a genuine, engaged profile.

How about for Women Seeking SugarDaddies?

Switching it around, a search for male daddies seeking girls brought up a huge amount of recently online members. Profiles varied, from average-looking guys on the street to (supposed) millionaires. This indicates that the site is a fantastic deal for babies who are looking for guys.

The male users do seem genuine. The mix of profile types and the inclusion of normal people indicates that these are not model pictures purchased to fill up profile numbers.

Sugardaddy search box

Who Is Using

A lot of the profiles are from people in the twenty-something age group. Numbers decrease into the the 30 to 40 age group, which is understandable. When clicking on the ‘online now’ button, many of the people online seemed to be women in the 30+ category. Even more were toward the 40 plus age group.

I messaged a few of the profiles myself, to see who are more likely to reply. As with any dating site, you are never guaranteed a reply. However, out of the few messages I sent I did get two replies, both from women in their twenties.

How Is It for Gay Sugar Daddies?

Some of the more niche searches, such as gay sugar daddies, did not produce as many results. In some areas, gay sugar daddies actually brought up no matches.

However, once again the profiles did seem to be genuine people. They had photos of quite normal looking people and individual, unique profiles. While they may not have a lot on here for the niche searcher, what they do have is real. It could be worth searching with a free membership, then signing up if you even find just one of two people you may be interested in.

Sugardaddy male user

How Easy Is Navigating Around

At first glance the search menu seemed a little dated. If you skip the quick search and go to the full search page it is much better and easier to use. In fact, it has everything you would need, including quick links to new members, online members and an advanced search.

It has standard connection choices, limited to what you are seeking, geographical area, body type, and race. Strangely, you can search by the month people were born in for the astrologically inclined amongst you.

When your matches do arrive, you do have several search options available to sift through them. Last visits, distance, and the number of pictures in the profile can be included.

One downside is that the search is not really set up for anyone outside of the US. The quick search in the home page corner asks you to put in a zip code. This means European users may have more luck elsewhere.

Does Have an App?

The website does have an app available on Android. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Currently, it is still in a development stage so you should check its functionality before downloading.

SugarDaddy app

How Discreet Is does seem to offer discretion, in that you only need to give away as much information as you like on your profile. However, for males who do not want to put up a picture, you will be thinning your chances on any website you use.

Billing is also discreet. Your statement will never have payments taken from, but a generic billing site.

Be aware that there are a lot of other websites with similar variations on the name. If you are checking online for reviews, be sure to type in the exact website address – exactly. Of the ones I have reviewed, this one seems to be one of the best.

How Is the Customer Service?

While customer service has not been fully tested, there is no indication as to why anything would be amiss. They do seem to care about attracting the right kind of profiles. A video is on the site about human trafficking, and they have spam buttons on the messenger to ban anyone who is not a genuine profile. They are focused on responsibility.

Sugardaddy female user

My Overall Opinion of

Of all the sugar daddy sites, seems to be one of the better options. Profiles are not vast, but the ones on there are genuine, real human beings and not chat bots. The site seems to be popular with young to middle-aged men in the US. For females who are looking for a sugar daddies, this is fantastic. You can take your pick from a huge selection of gentlemen. For males seeking females, finding a partner may be harder but there are actual people on the site to make a connection with.

The whole package, including all extras, would come to $65.85 a month. This is an expensive option, but you do have the chance to break it down into smaller packages which, I believe are better value for money. When you compare the expenditure to the number of profiles that are on, then the high package does not have the value for money required.

So Should I Use

In summary, is a decent website. It has attracted 7.5 million profile users since its inception, giving you a huge pool of potential candidates. They seem genuine, as opposed to spam profiles.

The site itself may need a bit of an overhaul as it looks a little dated. However, it works perfectly and does everything you require. In fact, for some people it might make a welcome change from bright, shiny bells and whistles dating apps. Their app is still in development and it could really offer a great alternative if they don’t go down the tried and tested ‘Tinder’ type route.

It is great for woman seeking daddies, and daddies seeking genuine connections. Go for the middle range price packages to get the best value for money.