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Russian Cupid review

Russian Cupid Review

Russian Cupid Overview
Russian Cupid Overview
Mix and match of real Russian girls and not so real
This site has so much promise, but you need to have your wits about you. Look for genuine pictures, and profiles that are complete. The real girls are out there, but you have to do some detective work to find them. Luckily, they are all extremely beautiful.
Profile Quality
App Usability
Responsiveness of Users
Chances of Hooking Up
Chances of Meeting a Life Partner
Genuineness of Users
Bang for Buck
Amazing looking girls on the profiles.
Plenty of profiles to choose from, in Russia and in expat communities.
Easy to use interface with great pricing plans.
You do have to wade through fake profiles to get the real girls.
The language barrier can mean communication is tough.
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Russian Cupid logo

Did you know that more than 77 million women live in the huge country of Russia? In fact, they are the majority and outnumber the men by a lot. That means that this big country has a lot of lonely women looking for love and if you know where to find them, you could find one that is right for you.

Russian Cupid is one website that can match you up with love from Mother Russia. Read on as I delve into the world of Russian Cupid.

My Initial Impression of Russian Cupid

My initial impression upon arriving at the homepage is that of a clean, well-organized website. It is not full of fussy, spam messages trying to get you to sign up. It has a quick sign-up allowing you to view singles on a backdrop of beautiful girls.

A quick scroll down gives some reasons to join and states “the group” has over 2 million singles. It does not state the male-to-female ratio. A little further down and it has some testimonials from genuine couples who met on the site.

One positive is that the site is owned by Cupid Media – Cupid Media being the “group” if you hadn’t already figured. They have a wide range of specialist dating sites, ranging from geographical sites like Filipino dating to category types like BBW dating. They always have easy-to-use, professional sites, so it looked promising.

Russian Cupid line up

Getting Started on Russian Cupid

The quick sign-up form was easy to use. In fact, you can even sign in using your Google account if you wish. All it asks for is your name, gender, what you are seeking, and your email.

You can choose non-heterosexual relationships at this point. Not all dating sites have this option. In prior experience with Cupid Sites, the response for LGBT relationships has been positive so this also boded well. It has a nice, green trusted site tick to ensure everything is secure.

Locating Profiles

Once this step was complete, I was straight into the profiles. No email confirmations were needed. This is a real highlight of all the Cupid Sites, letting you browse the profiles as soon as possible.

The only thing stopping me was a box prompting me to upload pictures, which was fine. This could be closed easily.

The site had already matched several women to me using the information provided when I signed up. However, they were widely spread out over Russia. This country covers over half of the planet, so I needed to narrow it down a little.

The first search box actually suggested popular countries to me. This shows that the site is not only aimed at Russians, though it was never advertised like that. Most of the suggested countries were former Soviet bloc countries.

Russian Cupid searchbox

Doing a search of one country I knew well – Ukraine, produced a result of around 100 matches. However, these were a real mix of genuine profiles and fake ones.

I knew, because I had spent some time in there and the girls there had a very specific pool of first names. Unless you had lived in Ukraine, you wouldn’t know this. As such, it was easy for me to pick out the genuine and less genuine profiles, which matched about 50/50.

After this, I did a search in Russia itself. Choosing Moscow as the most active hub, the search produced over 1000 results. A lot of these looked very promising, with pictures that seemed genuine.

While there were a few standard model pictures that seemed fake, many had been uploaded from mobile phones. They showed people in their apartments, at work, and seemed real and natural enough to me.

What Kind of People Are Using Russian Cupid?

There is quite a wide range of age groups using the site. Surprisingly, many of them are under forty. There are also a surprising number of younger females in the eighteen to mid-twenties category.

Understandably, many of the profiles had names in Cyrillic. Some of them even had profiles completed using Russian. In fact, it made them seem much more authentic and they were always the ones with genuine-looking pictures.

Of course, there were the few that did look suspicious. They had western names, with perfect English on their profile. Some profiles did not have anything at all written on them, which was a little disappointing.

I picked out a few profiles to message. Choosing a range of ages, I opted for a 20, 28, and 35-year-old. It was actually the two younger girls that were the most responsive.

One of them had very little English which made communication hard. The conversation faded after a while. One of them, called Darya, had very good English and we have remained in touch, showing there are real responses available on the site.

Russian Cupid busty user

International Dating

As I am aware of the large Russian diaspora, I decided to have a look to see if there were many people in Russian ex-pat communities online. Searching in the London area, I was very surprised. Around 160 matches came up, all with some very beautiful-looking girls.

One thing I did notice, was that around 80% of them had the same area of London as their district. At first, I thought this was a glitch, and that it must mean fake profiles.

However, with a little extra research, I discovered that this area actually has a thriving Russian ex-pat community. If someone on the site was faking profiles, they were going to a lot of effort to make them seem real.

How Good Is Free Membership?

The free membership on Russian Cupid, like many of the Cupid sites, is a pretty good deal. You can communicate with paying members, get free matches, and even like profiles. Liking them is pretty much doing a bookmark, so if you do decide to upgrade later you know who you were interested in.

In addition, you can browse as many profiles as you like. This is rare with a free membership. Some sites I have visited have given you zero functionality until you pay.

Russian Cupid user line up 2

Is Paid Membership Worth It on Russian Cupid?

Paid membership has two tiers. These are gold and platinum membership. Both tiers offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Gold works out at about $25 per month and platinum is $10 more. They do offer huge discounts if you pay in one go, but you can also pay quarterly or monthly if you don’t want that commitment. Payment can be done with most major cards and also some quite new payment methods like Paysafe Card and Skrill.

I believe that gold has everything you will need. It features live chat, instant messenger, open contact to all members with the ability to send and receive messages. It also takes away all the ads, though the site has very little of them on a free membership anyway.

The platinum package does not add that much more regarding communication. Instead, its features are more about getting you noticed. You enjoy VIP profile highlighting and placement above other members.

One useful feature of the platinum package is the language translation feature. This converts your messages into the language of the recipient and vice versa. This makes it easier to communicate with girls who have little English, and from my experience talking to one girl on there without mentioning names, Platinum comes in very handy.

LGBT Dating

Russia does not have the best track record for LGBT relations so I was not expecting much in searches, and definitely not profiles that would be so open. Luckily, it was not the case. A search of Moscow produced a number of profiles, all looking genuine with real guys.

They had quite a wide age range, but like the hetero searches seemed to have a younger number of people that stopped around the forties age group. A search for women seeking women also produced roughly the same number of results. The ages were the same, and there were some very attractive girls present.

Russian Cupid hot girl

How Good Is the Russian Cupid App?

Russian Cupid does have an app on the Google store. It uses a Tinder style, match-up interface. This makes it easy to get to grips with, presuming you have used Tinder before or other similar applications.

The app itself runs fine and does exactly what you would expect. However, it links to your account, meaning you have to pay. This had led to many people giving it low reviews, expecting a free service like Tinder.

If you take it as an extension of your paid service, the Russian Cupid app is a great addition to use when you are on the move.

How Discreet Is the Site?

Signing up to platinum lets you hide your profile and browse anonymously if you want to stay discreet.

As with other Cupid sites, you may see charges from either “ Southport AU” or “Cupid Media Internet GB” on your bank/credit card statement, so takes extra precautions if you need to keep your online dating a secret for one reason or another.

How Is the Customer Service?

I had no issues or problems with the website version of Russian Cupid, so had no reason to contact customer service. They did reply to any queries about their app on the Google Play store, showing they are committed to providing a better dating experience. The website also has direct phone numbers should you wish to contact their customer services.

Russian Cupid user line up 3

My Overall Impressions of Russian Cupid

This website has a lot of potential. It has lots of profiles, and this is both in and out of Russia. You can search in the country itself or elsewhere for expat community members, and still get results. This is quite rare for one of these websites.

Much of the criticism online stems from the fact that it has a high percentage of fake profiles. It does, but there are genuine ones on there as well. You have to be smart, looking for realistic images, well-filled in profiles, and crucially, ones typed in bad English or Russian itself as weird as that may seem!

If you are in Russia, then it has a lot of LGBT relationships. I am not sure if this is a way people prefer to meet in the country, but you can expect a good turnout.

The Russian Cupid app is very user-friendly and follows a time-tested design. It is an extension of your account on here, so don’t expect any freebies. However, if you want to check out the site when mobile, it is worth a look.

Users were quite responsive. In some instances, the language barrier was a problem. In this case, it was nice to have gone with the platinum package and used the built-in translator.

The chances of meeting a partner, for commitment or a hook-up, remain to be seen. If you are smart and live in Moscow or one of the large expat areas, then it’s a real possibility. However, in remote areas, this becomes less of a chance.

Should I Join Russian Cupid?

If it is your first time on a dating site, then Russian Cupid may be a steep learning curve. You need to be able to spot the genuine profiles from a fair few fake ones. However, when you do find them, they are responsive, more so than on other similar websites. The paid packages are a great deal, particularly if you pay upfront.