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Russian brides review

Russian Brides Review

Russian brides overview
Russian Brides Overview
Good starting point for guys after Eastern European ladies
The site is well designed and lets you get right to the heart of the matter, which is beautiful women. However, every interaction is charged, and this can get pricey. As an introduction, try the app which is a cheaper gateway to the site.
Profile Quality
App Usability
Responsiveness of Users
Chances of Hooking Up
Chances of Meeting a Life Partner
Genuineness of Users
Bang for Buck
Lots of beautiful, hot girls on the profiles.
An easy-to-use, functional website that gets you right into the action.
You can browse any and all profiles on a free membership.
A lot of profiles are dubious, though there are genuine ones on there if you can take the time to look.
Communication with people gets very expensive, very quickly.
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Did you know Russia’s population has 86 men to every 100 women? This means this vast country, filled with some of the most beautiful women on earth, has a problem. It needs men, and if you know where to look, one of them could be you!

Russian Brides is the answer to this conundrum. It is a website filled with Russian girls looking for long-term love. Read on as I dive in and try to find my ideal devushka.

My Initial Impressions of Russian Brides

My first impression of the site was very impressive. It looked modern, well designed with an easy-to-follow interface. The homepage greets you with everything you need to know.

It has easy sign-ins, a selection of profiles, and below that, quick links to everything you would need. One of the quick links that immediately stuck out was the anti-scam policy under the information tab. It was quite refreshing to see that the site was trying to protect its customers and was visual in doing so.

Another safety measure under this is that it had information on the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA). This act is in place to protect against trafficking and stopping sham marriages. So far, the website seemed to have an honest, genuine front.

Russian brides user lineup

Getting Started on Russian

The first noticeable element on sign-up is that you can join for free. Sign-in is easy with Google, or you can input your own email and information for a manual sign-up. I chose the latter.

Inputting my name and email, I gained instant access to the site. A banner kindly asked me to confirm by clicking on the link in the email in my inbox to complete registration, which I did. There was no asking for my gender or sexual preferences, so it can be assumed it is a site geared toward the heterosexual male.

Locating Profiles

As soon as you sign up for free, you are straight through to the profiles. There are no lengthy processes of inputting all your details, writing blurbs, and uploading pictures. All you need is the email confirmation, and you can view most of the profiles for a time without even that.

The screen with profiles on is a little basic. It has pictures and the girl’s names next to them. The descriptions are all similar, stating if they are divorced or never married, along with hair and eye colour.

To the left, you can switch to your emails and inbox, or look through online ladies, contacts, and searches. Under this is services, which you can use to order flowers, start a live chat, or make calls.

Russian brides phone calls

Navigating to the search page, it became obvious that search profile criteria were limited. You can search members using their age, country, and interests. After this, you can do a quick input of a member’s ID.

One nice feature is that it does have some tips underneath. It tells you to search by birth date and wish girls a pleasant birthday. Other tips include opening a conversation with a discussion about interests.

While you are looking on search, another nice touch is that the website is already suggesting matches. A non-intrusive, rotating sidebar suggests a profile you would like. These change constantly, so you do not even have to search at all to find something you like.

It is possible to search in all countries, not only Russia. For example, I tried searching in the United Kingdom and got eight matches. Of the eight profiles that came up, 6 of them were of beautiful young women. The others were older ladies, but with profiles that seemed genuine.

There are five suggested countries at the top of the search, and these are presumably the places the website concentrates upon. These are the Russian Federation, Moldova, Serbia, Greece, and Ukraine. A little bit of research revealed that these are all countries where women outnumber men in the population, though in some places only marginally.

Searching in Serbia, 283 girls appeared on the search criteria. This was more than enough. Scanning down, they all looked attractive, many of them with model-like pictures.

One or two seemed a little more realistic and truer to life. Even these ones were pretty girls.

A search in the Russian Federation received a staggering 1435 girls. They were all good-looking, model-level pictures. In fact, if I had messaged them all it would have taken me a lifetime.

Russian brides - another lineup

What Kind of Girls Are On Russian Brides?

Profiles tended to be in the twenties to thirties age groups. Very few went above this, and some were even from girls as young as 19. As mentioned, lots of the pictures were very high quality and professional.

This brought up a query for me. I have spent a lot of time in Russia, and I have also spent a lot of time rating dating sites. Now, I know that profiles like these often mean one thing, and that is fake profiles.

Websites often load them on to make it appear as if more beautiful, eager women are on the site than there actually are. That said, I know how many beautiful, model-like girls there are in Russia. Getting professional images taken is also a very natural thing to do, so that shouldn’t put you off entirely.

Females like to look after themselves and show it. That means it is quite probable that a lot of these profiles are actually genuine, and not the bait profiles used on other sites.

To inspect further, I opened three different profiles from different areas. The first thing I noticed was that two of the profiles had pictures watermarked as being from another dating site, Anastasia Date. This did not bode well.

The third profile seemed genuine. The pictures were out of scale, showing they had been uploaded from a mobile device. In addition, the blurb on the profile had real character and authenticity in its writing.

Russian brides profile

What Does Free Membership Get You?

I was surprised with the website when I clicked to mail one interesting profile that had caught my eye. It actually took me to the message screen. At this point, many sites would introduce their paywall.

The text box was a little outdated, but you can add attachments. You also have the option to add services, such as sending the girl flowers or opening a live call.

The paywall only comes into operation when you actually try to send the message. So as a free member, you can browse all the profiles you like and write that note to your chosen girl. Contact is at a price.

Is Paid Membership Worth It on Russian Brides?

Paid membership on Russian Brides is very different from other sites. It uses a system for buying credits. Bundles renew monthly and go from 23 euros a month for 150 up to 352 euros for a huge 1500 credits a month. It is worth noting that the smallest package starts on a special offer, then goes up in price on the second month of renewal.

You can redeem these credits for several services. Live chat will cost you a credit per minute, cam sharing will be six credits per minute and a letter is ten credits. You also get unlimited love notes with any package, though it is hard to make out what love notes actually are as I didn’t buy any.

Payment can be made with several major cards. It is all protected by Comodo Secure, so seems to be safe enough with your details.

Working this out, the basic package would give you 25 minutes of cam chat. However, even though you put your video on and can see the girl on camera, you have no audio. The chat windows do not support it, so you can only type with the girl, which seems a little old-fashioned.

Russian bride users

Customer Service

One odd aspect of customer service is that the site does not tell you much about how it works. For example, paid memberships let you trade credits for love letters, though you get unlimited love notes for free. Nowhere could I find out what either of these were, or what the difference between them was.

How Good Is the Russian Bride App?

Russian Brides does have an app on the Google Play store. Luckily, it gets advertised in the side panel of most pages. This means you don’t even have to search for it. One-click and you will be ready to get it installed.

The app follows the standard messenger type interface. No issues seem to exist with functionality. The customer reviews are mixed, with some people reporting five-star success and some going as low as one star.

While the app does work by offering in-app purchases, it is worth noting that the first trial is only $2.99. This means you can try the app cheaper than you can the website. For anyone looking to try a few different sites before taking out full subscriptions, this seems to be a bargain taster session.

Russian brides user description

How Discreet Is Russian Brides?

In terms of discretion, it is very unlikely you will get noticed if you do upload your picture to Russian Brides. As the nature of the site is men looking for women, it is unlikely people will find you as they are not searching.

Payment processing on your bill shows up as SOL Networks Limited in Malta. You do not need to worry about what turns up on your bank statements.

My Overall Opinion Of

The website has some beautiful women on its books. They are model-like, dream girls. As it has no options other than to be a heterosexual male searching for a woman, it is a simple service. This allows it to operate very well.

Profiles are thick, fast, and international. However, the suggested countries are the places you are most likely to find a partner. Here you will find many more profiles.

The app is hit and miss. Like the website, it all depends on where you are looking. However, it does offer a low-cost trial that is better value than the website itself, so it’s worth a go.

The only downside to the website is that any sort of messaging costs, and this works in credits as opposed to a subscription. This makes it hard to know if people responding are doing it because they get a cut of the credits, or if they are actually interested.

Russian brides more users

For instance, I spoke to a beautiful girl called Ingrid. Many of the girls were responsive, but as she was so beautiful and as my credits were limited, I chose to speak with her. Whenever I messaged her or we used the cam function, I was paying. This blurred the lines a lot.

Should I Join Russian Brides?

Russian Brides is a niche site. You could quite easily develop a relationship with a woman. It has lots of beautiful girls, who you can view on live chat to see how authentic they are.

However, this is going to cost a lot. If you can afford it, then the girls will be interested, as it is obvious you are a rich guy looking for a Russian Bride. But for organic, natural connections, it may not be the right kind of website.