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Where Dating Meets Porn
A good dating site, with an all in one solution for meeting people and buying adult content. The chances of meeting people do depend on your location. For anyone in a populated location, then it is worth signing up even just for its thriving community.
Profile Quality
App Usability
Responsiveness of Users
Chances of Hooking Up
Chances of Meeting a Life Partner
Genuineness of Users
Bang for Buck
Lots of profiles are available.
Profiles are of a high quality across the board.
A great community with lots of added, adult features.
The adult nature could reduce your chances of meeting a genuine partner.
Some of the users are there to make money from webcams.
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For many of us, a time can come when the passion dries up. Everyone goes through peaks and troughs, both in and out of relationships. So how do you find a way to get that spark back?

The answer could lie in A website that lets you meet up with hot local singles, could it be the answer? Read on as I delve into this forbidden fruit of this website.

My Initial Impressions of

Upon arriving at, you meet with a sexy picture of a lady rubbing her hands on the toned body of a guy. Behind that, the whole site is very modern and minimalist. Your main options for logging in are at the top, and a drop-down menu for sign-up is easy to locate.

A check on the bottom reveals that the website is run by the Friend Finder Network. They are most famous for having the Adult Friend Finder website and more, so I was expecting a slick operation with lots of user benefits.

Getting Started on

The handy drop-down box on the front page lets you get started right away. It even records your location, so I was hoping to be right into the action. Luckily, you can choose several options to determine who you are. Couples, gay and trans members are all welcome. You can even choose groups.

Once complete, you have a five-step profile building session to take care of. This is standard fare, including location, inputting a profile blurb, and other questions. After this, you are sent an activation email. It is longer than the process many sites have but obviously helps to cut down on timewasters.

Once I had verified, I was taken to the main page. This page puts you straight into the action, showing live webcam chats and people currently online, some of which were nude. It did seem a little more hardcore than some of the other sites I had reviewed. signup

Locating Profiles

The member search is a straightforward, easy-to-use search. While it does not have some of the more in-depth options available on other sites, it has all the ones you would need. I was immediately presented with a fair number of women in my local area.

Reassuringly, some of them had an added ‘confirm’ badge on their profile. This is a way for users to verify their profile as genuine, by uploading confirmed pictures. It was a great touch from the website.

Many of the profiles lacked a picture. While you cannot view the whole profile if you hover over a picture a sub-menu comes up. This acts as a mini profile of sorts, showing the other pictures and giving their information.

I then did a search elsewhere. London and the surrounding areas produced a lot of results. In fact, some of the profiles looked genuine and had some good-looking girls onboard.

A search in the US was the same, bringing up numerous profiles, some confirmed, some fake-looking, some genuine.

What Kind of People Use

The age groups tended to be a lot wider than on other sites, ranging from the early twenties all the way to people in their sixties. They had a wide mix of body types and ethnicities with something for everyone.

One noticeable trait was the amount of adult content in the profile pictures. Many of the profile pictures were suggestive, nude, or some just outright hardcore porn. All of these were mixed in with normal dating site pictures. cams

How Good Is the Free Membership?

Free membership is basic. You cannot look at profiles and must use the pop-up mini profiles that appear when you hover over a picture. You do not have the option to message or contact people on the site. This is a shame, as a few messages would be an enticement to buy a bigger package.

What Does Paid Membership on Get You?

Paid membership on is quite straightforward. Unlike a lot of other websites that have many tiers, Passion has one gold package for you to upgrade to. This works out at $25 monthly, or $16 if you pay quarterly. This makes it one of the lowest-priced dating packages I have come across.

Similarly, the gold package does not mess around when it comes to features. You get unlimited access to all members. The only caveat is that free members cannot contact you. If you desire this service, then there is a small extra charge on top.

They accept all major credit cards as payment methods. Billing is recurring, so bear this in mind if you sign up and decide to quit – just make sure that option is turned off if you only want to test it out.

LGBT Dating On

One of the great features of Passion is its inclusive nature. It is easy to switch from seeking heterosexual relationships to anything you like.

In fact, the response when searching for men looking for men seemed to outweigh that of a hetero search. There were lots of guys on the platform, many of whom looked normal and genuine. Even the unrealistic, chiseled, modeling style pictures were often confirmed.

Gay men ran the whole range. From men in their early twenties to guys all the way into their seventies, you could find it all. Of course, many of them had obligatory cock pics as their profile shots, but that was less than 10% of the profiles presented.

Women seeking women were also high in numbers. Many of them had confirmed profiles, and once again they came in a mix of ages and types. naughty forum

Is the Site Easy to Navigate?

The site is easy to navigate. It all centers around a home page, which contains pretty much everything you need. Tabs show you who is online, your matches, and members near you.

Moving further down, you are presented with several people who are broadcasting live. Unfortunately, clicking them does take you to affiliate, syndicated webcam shows. This is a little disappointing, as it makes out that the people on cam are actual members.

The tools you are most likely to use are all at the top of the page in the main bar. Here, you can navigate to your messages, chat, live-action, and the search function.

One of the more unique features on the search bar is the community option. This goes above and beyond what is expected of a dating site. It contains blog areas, story writing, sex advice, and even contests.

Looking over the contests, current projects do seem to be active. For uploading the hottest photos and letting people vote on them, you can win free memberships on the website. All this points towards a site that is geared towards building a community.

How Discreet Is

Like any dating site, discretion on Passion exists by not uploading pictures and using your real information. However, this cuts down your chances of meeting a match. As is part of the Friend Finder Network, billing is done through them and will reflect as such on your bank statement. live cam

Does Have an App?

A quick search on the website suggests they have an Android app. However, the page to download this does not seem to function.

A search on both the Apple and Google Play store brings up a Passion app. This has recently been updated and is getting decent reviews, though it isn’t affiliated with this site. Instead, it is a Scandinavian dating service. is a bit too edgy for the App store and Google Play, so you’re unlikely to ever find it on there.

How Is the Customer Service?

Like many dating sites, customer service is hard to assess unless something goes wrong. However, at the top of every page, the help option is displayed. Not only does this give you a help center, but it also provides contact with a direct number.

Adult Services

No review of ends without a mention of the adult services it provides. This is what sets it apart from a standard dating site. It is somewhere between and OnlyFans.

The top of the main page has a button, which lets you broadcast from your computer immediately. This can be done for tips, so you could make a fair profit from it. However, it does somewhat slim down the chances of you meeting a genuine match on the site if people are there to work. top members

The search bar also contains a drop-down menu of live-action models. This does split into live member webcams and live model webcams, showing they do make a distinction against people who are just camming and people who are genuine members. If you click on genuine members, then you can view for 28 points or watch whatever you like if you have a gold membership.

Points can be bought in blocks and while not expensive, they do not work out as good a value as a membership. As such, becomes a pretty good value webcam site, much better than others that focus solely on this. The only benefit is that with points, you can also use them to tip your favorite performers.

My Final Thoughts on

The quality of the profiles on is varied. They run the whole spectrum, from profiles that seem to be genuine people looking for love, to webcam girls, to couples wanting to swing. In fact, it is the most varied collection of profiles I have ever seen on a dating site.

This also runs through to the type of profiles. You can find every age, creed, and nationality online. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Users can be very responsive, depending on the type you message. I tried to speak with a few, messaging a mix of people. The people selling their videos and live cams were very responsive, but I did also get responses from local people who were ready to chat and build genuine relationships.

The chances of hooking up, and meeting a life partner on the site, depends on so many factors. You must browse the profiles carefully because there are real ones on there. You need to decide what you want from them.

In terms of monetary value, as a dating site then is pretty good. However, if you consider the many other adult features included in the membership, you get a great deal. It becomes your all-in-one stop for dating, live adult content, and even communicating with the adult community. Hot or Not

Despite the adult content, Passion uses very little spam. It is transparent about what you get and what you can have. The easy, simple membership is refreshing and shows that the site wants to provide everything at a low cost.


Overall, is a good dating site. However, considering all the adult features you also get when you sign up, and it becomes a bargain. If you are someone who pays for adult content online, then you will quite enjoy the way Passion is set up.