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Miss Travel Review

Miss Travel Review

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Miss Travel Overview
Travel meets dating - Interesting crossover
A unique premise for a dating site. Lots of profiles and genuine people, though you may end up footing the bill for someone’s excursions. If you already travel and have the cash, then go for it.
Profile Quality
Responsiveness of Users
Chances of Hooking Up
Chances of Meeting a Life Partner
Genuineness of Users
Bang for Buck
Lots of real, genuine profiles.
Unique premise that lets you offer trips.
Easy to use, functional website.
You will end up paying for someone’s holiday, which has its own risks.
Customer service seems to be lacking somewhat.
It could be dangerous if you don’t follow strict safety measures.
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Did you know around 4.8 million people now classify themselves as digital nomads? Add this to the number of people who travel for work and recreation, and the world becomes a very busy place. But if you are a global traveler, how do you find love when on the move?

The ideal scenario is to find a traveling partner. One website offering a solution to that is Miss Travel, one of the largest travel dating websites out there. Come with me on a journey of discovery as I dive into the world of Miss Travel.

My Initial Impression of Miss Travel

The initial landing page is impressive. It has a sleek, upmarket design that is free of the enticing, overblown promises on many other dating sites. The page divides into easy-to-read areas, each highlighted by pictures of couples on holiday.

An easy signup box is the first thing that greets you. This is followed by some brief explanations on how the site works and testimonials. It is run by W8 Tech, a company based in Cyprus, though I have not encountered any of their websites while doing other reviews.

At the bottom of the page is a link to a short page about travel safety. This has guidelines about traveling abroad to meet people. It is a little brief but shows they are a safety conscious website.

Miss Travel personal

Getting Started on Miss Travel

The free sign-up is the first thing you meet on the website. By putting in your email and password, you arrive at a new screen. Here, you have to enter a username and password again, which is a little annoying when you have already done it.

The next screen asks you to put in personal details. You can choose your gender, then say if you are looking to travel with male, female or both. This gave me the impression the site was as much about making friends as it was dating.

After this, you input your current location, then agree to the terms and conditions. This leads to another screen with profile information, and you confirm your email address. This takes a fair amount of time, so it is not a quick setup by any means.

Locating Profiles

Clicking on the large magnifying glass at the top of the page you arrive at the search function. It is quite different from many dating site searches and is very minimal. You decide if you are looking for people or trips, then place a location.

I started with a search in the London, UK area. The profiles were plentiful, in fact, you could click to load more, and I could not reach the end.

A search in the New York area was exactly the same. There were lots of girls who showed up, varied in their profile types.

Miss Travel profile search

What Kind of People Use Miss Travel?

While you do get some girls in their twenties, and some as young as nineteen, most of the profiles are from people in their early thirties. This makes a lot of sense, as it is the age for women who have careers and an expat lifestyle who may be attempting to meet someone.

Profiles are wide-ranging. They go from people who look extremely normal and every day to model-style pictures.

Profiles with a star next to them are premium members. This means they have paid to be on the site and gives you assurances that they are currently looking for a companion.

I did a test, searching in Raleigh, North Carolina, a quite popular city I used to live in. I found a few profiles where girls had taken pictures in bars and places I recognized. It was a sure-fire way to know genuine profiles are on the site.

The premium member profiles do seem genuine. This is easy to check, as many of the profiles are quite well filled in. Many of the girls talk about their travel experiences, which tend to be quite unique and are unlikely to be filled in by an automated system.

One nice touch is that it lets you see how long ago they logged on. This lets you know how many of the profiles are actually active. You can even see this in a free membership plan.

Miss Travel trip

Using the Trips Function

There is not any explanation on how trips operate, so it does take a little detective work. Meeting people works like the standard dating protocol. It shows you profiles in the area you request.

However, trips give you a list of people interested in visiting the area you have input. The suggested trips appear, with the people who have suggested them. It also tells you who will pay, which is usually you, though some go 50/50.

Clicking on these trip profiles yields quite varied results. The first batch I clicked on said that the pages and profile no longer existed, which was not a great start. Other profiles had a fair bit of information, such as preferred dates and a preference for accommodation.

How Good Is Free Membership on Miss Travel?

Free membership was actually quite extensive. The first thing that surprised me was that I had the ability to create trips. This meant I could offer holidays for people in any city around the world, and decide if I pay, they will pay, or we split the cost.

In addition to this, when people have posted trips themselves, you can send requests to join. As this is the most unique feature of the site, it was refreshing to be allowed to use it even on a free membership.

It’s worth noting that even when you confirm your email, your account still goes into review. This means that people must be manually vetting the profiles for authenticity. While this is a problem if you want to start messaging right away, it does also confirm that a site is a place for real profiles to live and exist.

Is Paid Membership Worth It?

The paid membership structure is easy and transparent for Miss Travel. This is refreshing, as some of these dating sites can muddy the water with complicated and hard to understand benefits. It was not the case here.

Miss Travel prices

Admittedly, the website is not the cheapest option. It comes in at $45.99 per month, though discounts are added if you pay in advance. The biggest amount you can pay is for a 180-day package, which comes in at $38.33 per month.

The main benefit of paid membership is unlimited messaging without restrictions. This is all you need, and Miss Travel seems to know that. They don’t advertise gimmicky features as part of their premium package.

You do also get any trips you post featured and new member notifications. You can also browse invisibly, though I always wonder how useful this is when offered as a premium feature on any website.

LGBT Dating

Guys looking for other guys brought up a lot of results. Once again, the profiles seemed genuine. They had real pictures and were talking about themselves in authentic ways.

Guys seeking guys seemed to have a lower age range than many of the hetero profiles. In this instance, most profiles that appeared were in their twenties. There were also some trans profiles, though no option could be found to search for this.

One side note was that trying to change your needs and wants was not that easy. To do this, you have to input your profile again, say if you were looking for women then decided to look for men. You can also not change the gender, so I was unable to check how many female seeking female profiles existed.

Oddly, though it asks if you want to search for traveling couples at the initial sign-up, I could not find this in the system itself. This would have been quite a nice feature to have.

Miss Travel personal

How Good Is the Miss Travel App?

A search for the app produced a page on the website. This talks about the brand-new travel companion app. It even has links to the app in the Google and App stores.

However, the app has vanished from both stores. General searches and reviews online seem to suggest it had vanished some time ago. This was a little disappointing, as a website all about meeting people while traveling should have an app as a main priority although they may have fallen foul to Google Play and App store rules. Hard to say as the company haven’t made an announcement clarifying it.

How Discreet is Miss Travel?

Like many of these sites, discretion is at your own choice. You can choose not to put up pictures and profile info, but you are only making it harder to match. If you are concerned, then premium membership does allow private browsing.

As for billing, Miss Travel provides a number of identifications from which you may be billed. These include Miss Travel but also more discreet names like PF*W8TECH.COM. The problem is you have no idea which one you will get, meaning you may end up with the website name on your bank statements.

Miss Travel profile

How Is the Customer Service?

Miss Travel does have quite an extensive FAQ section. It should answer most of your queries. It also has a short feedback page where you can send any issues you may have.

However, a live chat or even a phone number is missing. This gives the impression that you may find yourself left alone if you do have an issue.

One thing the website does have is a lot of information on traveling safely and how to meet people. This is very helpful, though not wholly extensive. It seems like the bare minimum advice for staying safe, which could be dangerous if you are traveling to a foreign country to meet someone.

My Overall Opinion of Miss Travel

Miss Travel does have a unique selling point compared to many of the other sites I have reviewed. I travel a lot, and the concept did intrigue me. Everyone loves a holiday and to meet people, so why shouldn’t they work together?

Profiles are actually plentiful. You can find a wide range of people, though the spread is in quite specific age ranges. It also seems to have lots of LGBT profiles, so you will not be able to search for hetero matches.

Miss Travel more profiles

No app may put people off the website. The least you would expect from a travel website is an app. This is a feature they need to re-add.

Users are responsive, particularly if you try posting trips. I added one in a city nearby and had some great responses within the first 24 hours.

The chance of meeting a life partner is pretty slim. This is not because of a lack of profiles or genuine accounts, but because the site focuses more on finding people to travel with and organizing trips, than matching similar likes. With people so far away, you can expect to meet up in foreign cities, but long-term love is unlikely to happen.

Luckily, this does increase the chance of a hook-up! Many of the profiles do ask you to pay for the trip. Some people may be morally averse to this, but others should go for it!

Should I Join Miss Travel?

Miss Travel is a great website, though not for standard dating. If you are already traveling to an area, and have some cash for a meeting, then put some offers for trips on and see what you get. You may find some people in your local area who want to travel and will come with you for longer-term plans.