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Filipino Cupid Review

Filipino Cupid Review

Filipino Cupid Review
Filipino Cupid Overview
Great for Meeting Real Filipinas
A well functioning site with lots of profiles for those who live in the Philippines. It is well worth the money, with lots of genuine profiles for you. Outside of the Philippines, you may be better trying local expat community groups.
Profile Quality
App Usability
Responsiveness of Users
Chances of Hooking Up
Chances of Meeting a Life Partner
Genuineness of Users
Bang for Buck
Lots of real, genuine profiles.
Easy to use, functional website.
Useful for all sexualities and genders.
Not great outside the Philippines.
Language barrier can mean some users are not very responsive.
Sound Choice!
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Filipino Cupid Logo

Did you know that the Philippines has a diaspora of around 10.3 million people? All over the world, people of Filipino origin and descent are working hard away from home. So how do they manage to find love?

The answer to that lies in Filipino Cupid, the web’s biggest Filipino dating community. Read on as I delve into the website and see what it has to offer.

The Initial Impression

The initial impressions present a very modern, well-maintained website. A large picture of a beautiful Filipino couple embracing greet you, and from that, you have several reassurances from the website. These include the trusted site badge and affiliation to Cupid Media.

For those who do not know, Cupid Media owns many niche dating sites. They have everything from BBW to country-based dating platforms. In many of the other reviews, they have come out well. They often have great websites that are usually filled with engaged profiles.

Filipino Cupid Line up

Getting Started on Filipino Cupid

Singing up to Filipino Cupid is quite straightforward. You need to visit the login and click on a new account. You can even sign in with Facebook, making the whole process easier. However, it does allow the website access to elements of your Facebook account.

As is standard on the Cupid sites, you do have the option to look for people of the same sex. This is very refreshing, as a lot of dating sites tend to omit this. I chose to log in using the manual route and after adding my name, age, and stating what I was looking for, I was in.

Locating Profiles

As soon as I logged in, I was straight onto the page for my matches. This was interesting, as many of these websites put you through a lengthy process and give very few profiles for it. It was not the case here.

The only pop-up I encountered was one telling me to update my profile and add more pictures for better responses. This was understandable, and much more pleasant than the incessant asking for payment upgrades you often get.

Most of the profiles, understandably, lived in the Philippines itself.

Filipino Cupid Advanced Search

So far, the website has a great mix of girls from the country.

As I know the geography of the Philippines a little, I know it is made up of lots of tiny islands. Meeting people in a large radius is not as easy as driving across a state. So, I made Manila my base for the first search.

The website had no end of profiles to view. Girls in Manila seemed to number an awful lot, and the information at the top said over 1000 profiles were on offer. Many of the profiles were online at the time or had been online within the last five minutes.

Many of them also seemed to be genuine profiles. They had natural-looking pictures, often taken at home or in the workplace. Very few of them had gone the professional modeling picture route, which is often a sign for fake profiles on a dating website.

What Kind of People Use Filipino Cupid?

The major age group tends to be from 25 to 35 years of age. Surprisingly, in my search of Manila, it even brought up some expats who were not of Filipino ethnicity. They seemed genuine and could suggest the website is quite active in the Manila dating community.

The only real problem with the profiles was that not much of the information was filled in. This could either be a sign of a language barrier, or a sign that the profiles are fake.

On closer inspection, the site did seem to have a few more traditionally fake profiles in there to pad out the numbers. I classify these as the stock modeling pictures of blonde, European women. However, out of the 100 top profiles, these were only one or two, and the rest seemed real.

In messaging profiles, I got a really good response. However, some of the English was hard to communicate with. The translation device which will be mentioned further on in the platinum package, would help solve this problem.

Filipino Cupid Line up 2

International Filipino Dating

So how does the website fare if you do not live in the Philippines? I decided to try a match across the whole of the US. The results were extremely mixed.

Of the first twenty profiles that came up on my search, two of them could have been Filipino in their ethnicity. The rest were Western-looking girls. They were all good-looking, but not the desired demographic, nonetheless.

I clicked on a few of the profiles to see what they said. Unfortunately, they were not filled in. It seemed that a lot of these could possibly have been fake profiles, added to fill up the site.

Another search in the UK brought even more mixed results. This was a mix of a few, genuine-looking profiles from Filipino girls. However, for every one genuine picture, four or five seemingly fake ones came with it.

How Good Is Free Membership?

In comparison to many other dating sites, the free membership is a good deal on Filipino Cupid. You can communicate with paying members and get the site’s basic matching setup done for you.

You also could like a profile. You can use this for non-paying members, bookmarking for later if you decide to upgrade. It is a very handy tool and a clever idea placed by the website team.

Filipino Cupid Testimonials

Is Paid Membership Worth It on Filipino Cupid?

Paid membership runs in two categories, gold, and platinum. Both offer a lot of features for a reasonable price.

Gold is around $25 per month and platinum is around $35. You can also get quite a sizable discount if you decide to pay quarterly, and even more if you pay by the year. There are a lot of payment methods on offer, even including modern payment methods like Trustly and Skrill.

The gold package gets you access to most of the features you would want. Stand-out features are that you can communicate with all members on the site. You also have instant messenger access and live chat facilities.

It is worth noting that if you are not in the Philippines, but looking for a partner there, then instant messenger will be worth the price alone. With such a time difference, replying to traditional inbox-style messages in these situations can often be a sluggish affair. Instant messenger lets you catch each other at different times of the day, made even easier if you have the app on your phone.

Filipino Cupid Hot User

The platinum package has less to do with communication methods and is more focused on putting your profile in prime positions. You get VIP profile highlighting; you rank above the other members on the site, and you can double your profile space.

One of the best features of platinum is the language translation service. This will change your language into that of the person you are speaking with and vice versa. This can be fantastic if you are looking to meet someone in the Philippines but are having trouble communicating with them. The national language in the Philippines is officially English but, in reality, very few people have a strong command of it. Tagalog is generally spoken and understood well across all the islands but is generally frowned upon in the Visayas region due to north-south rivalries.

LGBT Filipino Dating

Trying a search of men looking for men in the Philippines brought up a lot of results. Many of them had recently been online, and they seemed to be quite spread out across the country. Profiles seemed to be around the 25 to 35 age brackets, with a good mix of people that had genuine-looking profiles.

Within this, there were some trans profiles. It is also worth noting that some of them could also be found when searching for women. Of course, this is perfectly fine, but it may come as a shock if you are not aware and have been searching for a non-trans woman.

Coincidently, one of these profiles had a note in the top corner, highlighted in red. It tagged a profile as a Ghana scammer with a bad IP. I am not sure if this was tagged by the site itself, or by another user.

It shows two things: That the site is on the lookout for scammers, and that they are active on the site. Be aware of this when talking to people.

A search for female seeking females did bring up a few results. However, they were not as vast as other searches.

Is It Easy to Navigate Around Filipino Cupid?

One of the real plus points for the site is its easy user interface. A bar across the top lets you do an easy, quick search, using everything you would need. Above that, you have other menus letting you search in different ways.

The first option tells you how many people are currently online. This was over three thousand when I logged on, though this would have been evening in the Philippines. You can click on it to browse the online profiles and start instant messenger chats if you have one of the premium packages.

After this, you can choose to search by the matches the site provides for you. These are generally the ones that appeared at the start. The more information you put on your own profile page, the more likely you are to get better matches.

Filipino Cupid busty user

How Good Is the App?

The website does have an app on the Google Play store. It has a user-friendly interface, that follows a messenger, Tinder-style functionality.

There are a lot of comments giving the app low ratings. However, this is often leveled at the fact that you must pay. If you are using it as an extension of your paid membership plans, it is a great addition allowing you to check your instant messages while on the move.

How Discreet is Filipino Cupid?

Like many of these sites, Filipino Cupid can be as discreet as you want it to be if you do not upload a picture. If you buy Platinum, you can hide your profile and browse anonymously. There is no information about the company name that shows on your bank statement.

How Is the Customer Service?

Customer service was not fully tested as I had no issues with the site. However, there are a few indicators that do say it is well maintained and queries are replied to.

The first is with comments on the app. Many of them had a reply, even with offers to fix issues for many of the people who had commented. This shows people are responding to customer feedback and making regular improvements.

The other was the tag on one profile about a fake account. You can also see they take this very seriously in much of their documentation, showing they are actively trying to build a site of genuine profiles and keep out timewasters.

My Overall Thoughts on Filipino Cupid

Rating Filipino Cupid depends on what you are looking for. It has a high user base in the Philippines itself. Therefore, if you are elsewhere looking for love in the country as an international, or in the country itself, you have quite a high chance of meeting someone.

Outside of the country, the profiles thin out. If you are hoping to meet someone from the Filipino expat community then profiles are few and far between. They are also padded out with profiles that do not seem genuine, some of which are not even of Filipino ethnicity.

The same goes for people looking for LGBT relationships. Within the country itself is great, but outside and you will start to struggle.

The app is a useful tool, but only as an extension of your existing account. It functions, and if you want to be sending messages on the move it is a great option. Do not let the reviews put you off.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the users very responsive. This may be to do with the language barrier. The platinum language translator is the best tool to increase engagement at your disposal.

The site really comes into its own if you are actually in the Philippines or pipelining prior to an imminent trip to the Philippines and looking to meet real filipinas. If you are in this situation, then the site offers fantastic value for money. It has little spam, and in this situation, many of the profiles seem genuine.

Should I Join Filipino Cupid?

If you are in the Philippines, looking for a partner from the country to visit you, or plan on going there, then go for it. The paid packages offer lots of features at reasonable prices, particularly if you pay in advance. If you are hoping to meet people in the Filipino expat community elsewhere, then it may not be for you.