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Established Men review

Established Men Review

Established Men overview
Established Men Overview
A website that functions well and has a good number of profiles. Membership is well priced, though can get a little confusing on sign up. However, I have used other Sugar sites that are pricier but are more likely to produce much better results.
Profile Quality
App Usability
Responsiveness of Users
Chances of Hooking Up
Chances of Meeting a Life Partner
Genuineness of Users
Bang for Buck
Easy sign up process.
Lots of international profiles.
Fairly well priced.
No LGBT searches.
App rating seems to be a bit fake, though can't confirm this.
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Would you consider yourself to be an established man? If you have a career, property and a stash of cash in the bank, sometimes you may want something extra. Be it a regular partner or some action on the side, you need to know how to convert those assets into fun.

This is where Established Men comes in. A website that matches older, asset-rich gentlemen with younger women, could it find you that perfect partner? Read on as I dive right in and give a must-know guide to Established Men.

My Initial Impressions Of Established Men

My first impressions of Established Men are that of a no-nonsense, minimalist site. Its home screen has a display of some hot girls on profiles, but seldom else apart from this. A member log-in sits in the top corner out of the way, while a quick sign-up screen for new members sits under the logo.

A quick scout through the legal information tells us it is owned by a company of the same name. This is unusual, as many of these websites are part of a larger company and franchise. If that is a good thing or not, remains to be seen.

Established Men Users

Getting Started on Established Men

The home screen has your quick log-in information. You need to say if you are looking for women or established men and specify the area you are searching in. You will also need to input your age criteria.

After this, you are onto the screen where you need to go into a little more depth. By this point, it is already pretty obvious the site is aimed at a US audience. It asks for your state and Zip code.

You can choose other countries, with Japan, South Africa, and Switzerland being a few of the suggested popular countries. I was not quite sure why this was, as they are quite different and far apart.

You do need to fill in all the fields. This includes eye colour, body weight, and a few other statistics that are a little irrelevant. This can be a little annoying if your eager to get started as I was.

The next pop-up asks you to upload a picture. This is fair enough, as it does always bring more attention. If you want to do so, you can skip this section.

However, this then takes you onto a few more pages asking you to put in blurbs and descriptions. It takes a while, and the whole thing takes around five minutes.

Established Men lineup

Sifting Through Profiles On Established Men

After my first search, the first thing that hit me was that the location function did not work. Despite putting in New York as my base, a lot of profiles filled up the feed featuring girls from way down south. I tried it again and it was the same, although this time I noticed a disproportionate number of females from Texas.

I tried a search elsewhere, this time in the London area. It did produce results, but also ones from a long way off. None of them seemed to be in geographical order, so it may have been hard if I was wanting to find people locally.

The profiles did all have a genuine quality about them. While many were missing information and did not have a lot to say, it seemed like many of the pictures were real. Some had been selfies taken on people’s own cell phones.

What Kind of People Are Using Established Men?

When searching in the US, the main age group was girls in their twenties. A few stretched into their early thirties, and some were even eighteen or nineteen years old. However, you were not getting anyone older than thirty-five in searches at all.

If the site did have fake profiles used to make up numbers, then they are hard to find. Pictures looked natural, and though few profiles were filled in, ones that were had quite natural things to say.

When messaging, the responses were mixed. This is also a sign of genuine profiles. No matter how good-looking and rich you are, you cannot expect a reply from everyone.

Established Men user profile

Is Free Membership Worth It?

One of the nice things about Established Men is that it incentivizes people on free memberships with rewards. For example, if you upload a photo you get to send three free messages.

In addition to this, you can browse as many profiles as you like. You can search using all the functionality and don’t have any limitations on what you can and cannot search for. The only thing you cannot do is send messages or use any form of communication.

One feature you do have to ask for is access to private photos. This can be used for sharing personal or intimate pictures. You can choose to enable private photo sharing, though in the early stages it helps to make connections first.

Is It Easy to Navigate Around Established Men?

The site is simple in its design, making it easy to navigate. Your search function is at the top, and when clicked brings up the search menu. Your matches are listed in the centre, while your search criteria are on the left.

This tip bar also lets you access your messages and dashboard. This dashboard shows you girls recently online and girls that have recently signed up. That means everything you could want is within a single click or two.

Established Men pricing

Is Paid Membership Worth It?

Payment tiers break down into three sections when you want to subscribe to Established Men. Unfortunately, they are not easy to understand.

The first package is first class. This costs $25 a month for 12 months. With this, you get 3000 credits. Executive membership, the next tier, costs $49 for three months and gives you 300 credits.

Finally, Intro membership costs $79 a month and gets you 100 credits. However, on the sign-up page, it does not explain what credits do, or how you can use them. In fact, all the listed featured benefits remain the same as you click on every level of membership.

The benefits are that you are automatically recommended to a new girl, whenever they join. You also get a premium member badge. New girls on the site are also only visible to members for the first six hours they join, whereas premium members get full, unfettered access.

The website takes all major credit cards and payment is done with VeriSign. All of this makes it secure.

What credits actually do is up for a guess, unless you sign up. If the payment breakdown is on the website, then it is not easy to find.

As I had signed up, I could work out that credits allow you to send messages, then use the live chat functions.

Established Men user

LGBT Dating

Established Men lives by its namesake and sticks to relationships between men and women. In fact, when you sign up it only gives two options, to either be an established man or a female looking for them. If you are looking for LGBT relationships, you will need to look elsewhere.

How Good Is The Established Men App?

The website does have an app on the Google Play store. It follows the standard Messenger and Tinder type interface. This is very handy because you can get to grips with it almost immediately. It runs on in-app purchases, so you do have to use it in conjunction with your existing account and pay.

The good news is that the app comes well rated and gets an outstanding 5-star review with 619 reviews in total. The bad news is that I couldn’t work out how legitimate they were.

Any review that has pretty much 100% top marks sets off alarm bells. One review talks about how they found great LGBT relationships on here. For a completely heterosexual brand, that made little sense.

How Discreet is Established Men?

Like many of these sites, discretion is down to you. You can upload a picture or not. However, if you do upload pictures you have a higher chance of getting a date.

The website is owned by Avid Media. Billing is done anonymously, so you won’t find “Established Men” anywhere on your statements.

Established Men user

How Is the Customer Service on Established Men?

I had no problems with Established Gentleman and had no reason to test the customer service. They do have a number you can call at any time should you have a problem. They also have a contact section to send them a direct message.

Looking through the FAQ, it is apparent that Established Gentleman is quite adamant that they issue no refunds. This is because they get charged by the credit card company, and refunds end up costing them money. This seems a little thrifty, especially as they do not offer a trial period of premium memberships as many websites would, so just make sure you’re fully committed before you go the whole hog.

My Overall Impression Of Established Men

Established Men is unlikely to impress people who are looking for a standard dating experience. However, if you are seeking an arrangement, between an older guy and a younger woman, then it had a lot of benefits.

Profiles seem plentiful whatever country you are in. You may have to travel a little way to meet your matches. As the search does not sort by distance, it can take some time to browse through your search results.

The app works fine and is good as an addition or extension to your account. However, it does seem like a lot of the reviews have been paid for, which raises a few questions. I could be wrong on this, but in my experience, no one gets five stars, especially for services they don’t offer.

Established Men another lineup

Luckily, users are responsive. I messaged a cross-section and many of them returned with messages. However, it is worth noting that I had upgraded the membership and uploaded a picture.

The chances of meeting someone online here is fairly good. Of course, this is an arrangement as opposed to a long-term relationship, but it could work for you.

Should I Join Established Men?

If you are looking for an arrangement relationship, then Established Men is a decent option for you. It has people on who will respond, though you may need to look outside your normal area.