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Camsoda review

CamSoda Review

Camsoda overview
Hot chicks galore - nice lazy option
An easy to navigate, well-functioning cam site with loads of great profiles. Others are better for LGBT content, but if you want hot girls on cam then you are in the right spot.
Model Quality
Responsiveness of Models
Interest Level of Models
Bang for Buck
Lots of hot girls on live cams.
Easy to use payment methods.
Good options to broadcast and earn money for Cam Models.
Not great for LGBT content.
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Do you ever get sick of trying to find the next love of your life, or jumping through hoops to find a hook-up? Sometimes, it is easier, and more fun, to pay for some good old-fashioned entertainment. That is where live cam sites come in.

With so many to choose from, how are you supposed to know which one gives the best service and value for money? We delve into CamSoda to see how this popular site stacks up.

My Initial Impressions Of CamSoda

Upon arrival, the website wastes no time in showing you the goods on offer. It follows the standard webcam site format, with rows and rows of live girls, all doing their stuff before your eyes. All you have to do is confirm your age and you are in.

Going to the bottom of the page, some helpful hints are lying around about the most popular cam girls and some of the most-searched-for topics. It has everything you could want from a cam site. Milfs, teens, and latina are all there for you.

Getting Started

You are right into the action, but you can create a sign in if you wish. All it takes is a username, email, and password and you have your own account.

The benefits of this are you can see the payments you have made. You can buy tokens, see your token history and view any clips or content you have paid for.

Camsoda lineup

Locating Profiles on CamSoda

CamSoda has no end of profiles for you to search. In fact, everything you need is located in and around the main cam section. Above this sits the quickest way to find people, a selection of tags to locate people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and kinks.

To the side, you have helpful filters. The top one lets you search by gender, or if you are looking for couples, you can search for that as well. Under this it has the prices of private shows, showing that people can set their own cam show prices.

After this, you find ethnicity and even more tags. From this, you can literally see and search whatever you want.

My first search was for a teen webcam show. I looked in the middle price bracket, aiming for 18 tokens a minute. Even though I was not searching at one of the busiest times of day, there were still a huge number of profiles that appeared on the screen.

For something a little more niche, I tried a search for girls who do squirting shows. Once again, a huge number of profiles appeared. More than I could look through.

The only area that seemed to have fewer live cams was under the couple’s tag. This was a little disappointing, as many other cam sites have almost as many couples as single women.

What Kind of People Use CamSoda?

The site has a good mix of all shapes and ages. Like any cam site, it tends to have a lot of young girls in their twenties on the site. However, one flick to the milf tag shows you can also get lots of older women for your camming pleasure.

One aspect that was somewhat disappointing was that for niche topics, some of the cams looked online but actually were not. Once I clicked on them, it gave me a notice that the cam was currently offline. That suggests that they may not have as many cam girls working as you at first think.

Camsoda user chatroom

Location-wise, many of the profiles come from Eastern Europe and South America, particularly Colombia, a country which has somehow turned camming into a day job for the girls. While you can find them any way you want, you will have to search a little further if you want to see girls in specific locations. It also seems that many of the profiles are geo-locked, so it may be tough to see girls in your own country in some instances.

One great aspect of the site, that trumps dating sites, is you know the girls you are talking to are real. All you need to do is hover over their thumbnail and you can see the cam in action. This helps out when you want a change from dating and just want to get down to it as I did.

What Do You Get For Free On Camsoda?

Cam Soda is a free cam site. Once you have made an account you can upload tokens to it as you wish. You don’t have any recurring subscription, and no hidden fees or costs.

The limitation on your free membership is also dictated by the performer. Before I had bought some tokens, I wasn’t able to interact with some of the girls as quite a number of them only allowed guys with tokens to chat to them. You can have a go and take a Cheap Charlie approach, but the fun really begins when you get some tokens and can probably enjoy the experience with the girls.

Aside from chatting to them, there are also limitations on what you are allowed to view. Some of the girls on the site are already nude and rude when you turn up, it is up to you to tip them and keep them going. Others are clothed, and often have a goal to reach before they get nude or perform sex acts.

Is There a Paid Membership For CamSoda?

Yes, it does also have a paid membership plan.

The paid membership plan costs $19.95 a month. This gives you access to an ad-free interface and private messaging. You also have the option to tip anonymously and browse in stealth mode, though I wasn’t quite sure why you would want to do this.

Crucially, you get 200 free tokens when you upgrade. This makes it a very good deal.

If you decide you want to add tokens, then you can buy them in bundles ranging from $5.99 for 50 tokens and $49.99 for 550. This actually makes the sign-up to the paid membership worth it and saves you a little money on your first token purchase. Payments can be made in a range of ways, from traditional credit cards to PayPal and Crypto – it runs the gamut.

Camsoda videos

What Do Tokens Get Me?

So, what can tokens get you? An awful lot, and it all depends on the girl you choose to watch. At its basic level, you can use tokens to tip the girls. Very often they have a token goal. Once reached, they will perform a certain act, do a sexy strip or sex act.

You can also use your tokens to go private. This opens up the camera sharing and chat box, so that only you and the girl are together. This is where you can get your intimate, private shows without other members and free users watching.

Some girls even offer to create bespoke video clips for you. They may already have videos made which you can purchase using your tokens.


The options on CamSoda are not limited to looking at females. In fact, you can search for both men and trans cam workers. Unfortunately, a search for male performers produced very little in the ways of results compared to female performers.

Trans performers produced somewhat more, but only marginally. The function is also lacking to search for male-on-male couples or trans couples and groups, which is commonplace on a lot of other cam sites.

Camsoda busty chatroom

Does CamSoda Have an App?

As it is an adult site, CamSoda is not allowed an app on the Apple or Google store. This is a shame, as a quality app for browsing on the go would enhance the site.

Luckily, CamSoda has not forgotten about mobile optimization. The site works responsively through a phone, making it easy to browse downward through the cams. While you cannot reach the desktop site, the mobile version is actually as good as the desktop, which is a rarity for many cam sites.

How Discreet is CamSoda?

CamSoda is extremely discreet. Your profile is basic, and you don’t need to upload pictures of yourself or give information. Depending on how you pay, billing can give a number of different names. The most likely to give you away is, though this is also unlikely to arouse any suspicion.

How Is the Customer Service?

I had no issues with the site at all. Even if I had done, it seems that CamSoda has everything covered. All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page to see multiple methods of contact and assistance, all in different languages.

Camsoda spy lineup

Other Services

CamSoda does have more services linked to it, and you can find these at the top of the page. The first is the option to go live yourself. You can start earning tokens from your own camera, doing your own performances.

The content you create is DMCA protected. You can block certain states and countries, and pay-outs are weekly. They even have a health insurance scheme for performers, which is a nice touch.

Another option is their affiliated dating site. This is named Instabang, and a click on this will take you straight to the page. Other than this, they have a shop in which you can buy CamSoda clothing and accessories.

My Overall Impressions Of CamSoda

If you are looking for a date or life partner, then it is obvious Cam Soda is not for you. However, sometimes we need time to let ourselves relax without the hassle of dating. In this instance, CamSoda is a fantastic prospect.

Profiles come from all over the world. There are different shapes, sizes, and types of women. In fact, if you can’t find something you like you will be hard-pressed to find it anywhere else.

Camsoda user chatroom

The only area the site falls down in is LGBT cams and profiles. They have quite a few less than their competitors and need to encourage more performers onto the platform.

The payment methods are easy to use. They are also transparent, and you know what you are getting. I’d suggest finding a performer you like, then buying tokens depending on how much they charge for private shows, clips, or how far off they are from a tip goal.

Will you meet a life partner? Nope! But you can have a damn good time being single with a site like Cam Soda.

Should I Sign Up With CamSoda?

If you are looking to spend some money on live adult content, then CamSoda is as good as anywhere to do it. You won’t form a lasting connection, but you will have a good time. You just need to find the right performer for your needs.